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2007 NBS Chevy 3500 Dually -- Air Bag Problems

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by canoebuildah, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. canoebuildah

    canoebuildah Senior Member
    Messages: 132

    Last winter, I started plowing with my brand new 2007 NBS 3500 Dually. The "Service Air Bag" error message came up on the odometer. I contacted the dealer and brought it in for warranty repair. It took almost three months for Chevy to provide the dealer with a replacement computer. If I hadn't installed a custom aluminum stake body and installed the plow, I would have turned the truck back in under lemon law.

    Fast forward to today, I put the plow back on in anticipation of the winter. Immediately, the "Service Air Bag" error message appeared again.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
  2. Green Feet

    Green Feet Member
    Messages: 44

    I have a 2007 NBS 2500D. I have not had the airbag problem. I plowed all last season and have it ready to go now. Take it to the dealer and make sure youdocument all compalints. Hopefully they can get it figured out
  3. flykelley

    flykelley 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,127

    Hi canoe
    Sounds to me you have a bad sensor or a wire that is not pinned in all of the way. We have these happen at the factory all of the time. You could also have a wire harness that is barley pinched somewhere. Dealer will be able to put a tec 2 on it and it will tell them which sensor is bad. Tec 2 will show which sensor is not working, then you have to start looking at the harness and the yellow connecton plugs and the pins inside of those plugs. Not sure if a regular scan tool will show which sensor is not getting a signal. The main computer that runs the air bag sensors very seldom goes bad. This really isnt that hard of a fix for a dealer, might want to try a new dealer and tell them you keep having this problem. Maybe call Chevy customer service line.

    Good Luck Mike