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2005 Honda Track 9hp Snow Thrower

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by johnnyrusso, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. johnnyrusso

    johnnyrusso Junior Member
    from Boston
    Messages: 14

    selling a few parts and my snowblower,....

    2005 Honda Track Snow Blower...9HP WITH electric start. This is the best snow blower you can buy. I purchased it for 2,100.00 dollars. Used one storm and am selling for 1,050 /bo. Have all receipts and need to sell im buying a new truck...

    Location Newton MA....email me or pm me for my phone number if you want to see.

    Also i have the plow brackett for a 1997 and + dodge dakota...sell for 50 bought for 200.
  2. tl-s4now

    tl-s4now Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    I'm interested. You say used for one season but what is the condition of the unit? Can you please e-mail me some pics including a shot of the muffler and the auger housing. thanks

    Last edited: Apr 15, 2005