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2004 Ford F-150

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by pelt35, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. pelt35

    pelt35 Senior Member
    Messages: 131

    Western, What is the scoop on the new Fords (F-150) what plow will they be able to put on them? I posted another thread but you must have missed it thanks Jack in WI
  2. WesternProducts

    WesternProducts Sponsor
    Messages: 127

    2004 F150


    I happened to be reading through a couple a threads outside the Western discussion and stumbled across yours. In the future, if you wish to post a specific question to Western in our designated forum, please post a question in the 'Western Products Discussion,' located at the top of the Snow Plowing Forum (Page 1). That way, we can make sure your question does not get overlooked and answered in a timely fashion.

    With the information you provided (Super Cab, 5.5 box), to the best of my knowledge, you should be able to fit your 2004 F-150 with either our 6'8" or 7'4" Suburbanite. Even further, those specific applications also depend on the type of engine the truck will be fitted with as well as the FGAWR (Front Gross Axle Weight Rating) of the truck.

    Once our '04 vehicle data is released to our distributors, we recommend you contact your nearest distributor to verify your application possibilities as well as ballast requirements.

    For information on the Suburbanite plow, visit our web site at www.westernplows.com.

    Thanks for the post.