2004 F350 PSD opinions

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by StoneDevil, Feb 14, 2008.

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    I bought a 2004 F-350 extra cab SD XLT FX4 package with 6.0 liter powerstroke back in 2005 which is still my current truck. At the time it had 13,000 miles, line-x bedliner, leather interior, captians chairs and I paid 29,000. I think the price is a little high, but I don't know the going price now for the truck. If that is the price I can get as I now have 40,200 miles, maybe it is time to sell????? I looked at the pictures and it looks to me like it has a leveling kit installed in it on the front. Surprisingly it does not have shift on the fly 4x4 which mine does, you don't see too many manual shifting 4x4 around here anymore.

    It is a great truck and I love mine. If you buy it you will not be sorry. There has been a lot of bad talk about the 6.0 powerstroke, but mine has been great and hasn't given me any trouble. Has plenty of power pushing snow even the heavy wet stuff we got yesterday. I lose traction before I lose power.

    My opinion would be to talk down the price as it seems a little high to me.
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    i just noticed they have a second listing of the same truck only one pic and its price is $26,999 i may have to test drive this truck this dealer is only 15mins from my house, this is the dealership where i bought my first new truck but not my last 2 pickups or even my first truck (78 F150 351m)
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    heres the vin number how can i tell if it has the plow prep package 1FTSX31P74EB84248
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    hmm... isn't shopping for a truck fun:nod:

    well just a few things to watch out for i noticed while looking for my current truck
    Dont be afraid to work your price
    Take a look at the font end check for any sign of a plow being there. (i wont buy a used plow truck-i know what happens to themxysport)
    It may be hard to do so but try to get a feel for who the ex owner was. sometimes you get someone that just had some money to spend and wanted to manly truck, and never worked it a day in its life. Sometimes you get someone that could care less and runs it to the ground ( look at the carpets, stains, tears, any altercations that may have been added. yeah i understand that the dealer will clean it, but you can still see if it was taken care of or not.)
    Ask to take it to the local ford dealer. they will give you some line about how they have looked it over. don't act like oh well i cant do that, offer to pay the bill for a ford dealer to inspect it. the auto dealer selling the truck is bias, the ford dealer can car less if you buy it.

    Just a few things i saw while looking for at truck. Best of luck!

    And try this too. if they sales rep says well what number would get you into this while your taking give your number let them be alright with that....and then say, well that number includes the sales tax, at this point they are just shy of a sale, they want that sale, and will work some $ off even if not the whole amount of the sales tax to make the sale. (and yes i know they cant change the sales tax but they can lower the price to affect the taxed amount) thats how i got my truck lower than they wanted payup
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    Whats the trucks GVW? What is the front axle rated at. If its rated at 6k, it should have the plow prep package on it.

    Going from the VIN you provided, I'm pretty sure thats what the X is designated for.
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    The 04 superduties didnt have a 6000 pound front axle rating yet. That was 05 and up. The front end should be rated at 5200.
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    the price seems high but other that that its looks flawless . i'd get an oasis report if really thinking about jumping on it
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    That same truck just did $17,500.00 through a local car auction. I know becuase I own 2 2004's and all of my dealer buddies make sure they call me and bust my ball$ when trucks are given away at the auction. They gave away that same exact truck, but a 2006 with 6,000 miles for $22,500. If you want an 04 PStroke, crew cab, etc, send me $19,000 and I will get you one here at one of the local auctions....Id be more than happy to help
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    i think i will visit them this weekend