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2004 cummins lost power after trans service

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by murphy4trees, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. murphy4trees

    murphy4trees Member
    Messages: 62

    I just took my 2004 250 4x4 into the trans shop for a service. Truck has 97,000 miles. Trans was fine, no slip, though the fluid was mighty dark.. We tow a 9,000 lb trailer, but never go much more than 5-10 miles to any job, so the trans never gets that hot.

    Anyhow, I AM planning on putting a plow on it this winter. So I took it into the trans shop for a fluid change. I don't know when the last time the fluid was changed, as I bought the truck with 70,000 miles. So truck seems to shift fine now, but I just noticed that with the trailer on it has a LOT less power pulling up hills. That hurts becasue it used to pull really well uphill... NO more!

    Anyone know if there is anything I can do to remedy the situation or what might have caused it. The other driver said he felt it too, so its not just all in my head. I was hoping to get some ideas before talking to the trans shop. I don't expect much satisfaction from them.

  2. skidooer

    skidooer Senior Member
    Messages: 248

    was it just a fluid and filter change or did you do the dreaded flush?

    WHITERAM Member
    Messages: 32

    sounds like tv cable out of adjustment. (throttle valve), connects into throttle body or youve got a sticky valve. did they change the filter as well?