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2004 chev 2500 6 litre getting hot because of plow

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by snowcrazy, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. snowcrazy

    snowcrazy Senior Member
    from ohio
    Messages: 409

    Hello all, I just have a question and any info would be appreciated!!!!

    I have a 2004 6 litre chevrolet silverado. I put a snowdogg ex 85 plow in it and the plow seems to be doing a great job so pat on the back to snowdogg. I don't have any problems what so ever with the truck getting hot when Im working it (plowing snow) but when I am running down the road it is getting hot. I am going to install an electric fan but was wondering if any one else has had the same problem and what type or brand fan you installed. I know you can just buy a universal elec. fan but some can be a bear to install.

    If any of you could recommend a certain fan or even some information it would be greatly appreciated!!! By the way, I have tried to set plow down as low to ground as possible, tilt left, tilt right, Ive tried it all and it doesnt matter. At first I thought a t-stat was sticking so I replaced it but didnt help a thing.

    By the way, Im talking about installing the elec fan and just having a toggle switch run into the truck but leaving the clutch fan on the truck...........
  2. White Gardens

    White Gardens 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,665

    You need to angle your blade to the right when going down the road in order to get air to the front of the truck. When sitting in the truck, the upper right side of the radiator is the spot that pulls the most air in when your fan kicks in.

    That and crack the window and turn you heat and fan on high to help dissipate more heat from the coolant.

    Your problem is normal.

    Another thought is too, you might want to do a fluid drain on the coolant system and pull the radiator out and clean it properly. I wouldn't be surprised if you've got a bunch of junk stuck in the fins.
  3. snowcrazy

    snowcrazy Senior Member
    from ohio
    Messages: 409

    Well, the thing is that is how I am transporting is with the blade angled all the way to the right and Truning the heat up has helped but still getting hot enough Ive got to pull over. This truck never gets above 190 when the plow isnt on the truck and thats even in the summer.

    I do believe i know what is going on and maybe im wrong so correct me if so. If I understand how a "clutch" fan works it needs a little air to be pushed through the grill to get the hot air temp to the clutch fan to tell it to engage or turn on........ If thats the case then Im just figureing that because that plow is such a monster its blocking all the air from going through the grill which doesnt let any of the hot temp to be pushed back to the clutch fan to tell it to "engage" I figure with a small elec fan installed as soon as you turned on the elec fan it would prolly work even if the clutch fan wasnt there but I also figure that with the elec fan being turned on by toggle switch from inside the truck it would also push the hot air back to the clutch fan and it would for sure stay cool then.

    Maybe Im crazy............ Im definetly not a mechanic but I figure this makes sense. I though about just replacing my clutch fan completely with an elec fan setup, but Ive been stranded twice in the past 4 years with a temp. triggered elec fan set up where the fan went bad. I aint wanting to do that.............
  4. Burkartsplow

    Burkartsplow PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,246

    replace the clutch fan with a heavier duty one and it will take care of the problem. $60 to $75 part and an hour of work and you rent/borrow the tool you need from any local auto store.
  5. White Gardens

    White Gardens 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,665

    I'd still look at the radiator first. I'm willing to bet it's clogged fairly good.

    Even with blocking the air, the ambient temps around the fan clutch should kick it in. Maybe the clutch is bad? That was the symptoms on my s-10 when my clutch went out.

    I know guys have done the electric fan setup before with success. You just need to make sure to get the right fan for the truck and motor. I'd skip the toggle switch though and just rig in a t-stat control for it. That way your not constantly having to pay attention to the temp gauge, especially in the off season.

    I wouldn't try to add an electric fan to the system with the original fan still in there. I would think that would be more headache than reward, not to mention the lack of room.
  6. spy0068

    spy0068 Junior Member
    Messages: 14

    I had the same problem on my 2003.... I went to Autozone and got a heavy duty fan clutch and problem is gone.....
  7. snowcrazy

    snowcrazy Senior Member
    from ohio
    Messages: 409

    Your the second person to mention the heavy duty fan clutch............. Does that just mean that the fan turns almost all the time or what???? The reason I ask is, if it isnt getting the air how would it know to kick on. Hell maybe my clutch is bad already.

    So I just go into autozone and ask them for the heavy duty clutch for my year truck??? I didnt even know they made such a thing........
  8. cet

    cet PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,257

    The heavy duty fan clutch comes on the snowplow prep trucks. some of the snowplow prep trucks came with the wrong fan clutches from the factory. Get the right one and your problems will be over.
  9. snowcrazy

    snowcrazy Senior Member
    from ohio
    Messages: 409

    I just wonder if an LS 4 door would even come with a plow package on it????? Im not sure if mine has the snow plow package. That is the one thing Im regreting, the 4 door that is. I figured with maybe a little one in the near future a back seat would be a good thing to have, but now that there is a plow on the truck it is loooooooooonnnnnng!!! Between it being a 4 door with a spreader and plow on it its like plowing with a limo. LOL
  10. ShorePower

    ShorePower Senior Member
    Messages: 116

    Until then, drive with the plow about 2 inches off the road. You can watch the gauge drop down as soon as you find the height where there is no longer a vacuum effect behind the plow. Air will reach the grill and cool it down. My 08 has only electric fan, still gets cooking hot over 50 MPH with plow up too high. Clutch or not, the grill needs air.
  11. goel

    goel PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,079

    Stick to the speed limits (with the plow you are usually out in bad weather so not a problem) keep the plow low and let the air flow in, interior fan on.

    We run 4 trucks with the 6L and between cities they are on the highway.

    Is your truck the 8 ft box?

    If it is the standard 4 door short box, then you are only about 1.5 ft longer than a regular cab with an 8 ft box - which is nothing. 3 of our 4 are 4 door short boxes because of the poeple moving ability.

    The HD fan clutch is a cheap and easy fix also.
  12. snowcrazy

    snowcrazy Senior Member
    from ohio
    Messages: 409

    See i am wondering about this because I have tried it all.... Today I tried just what you said.... Matter of fact when I would hit a slight bump or turn right or left it the plow would "tap" the ground. Im wondering if it could be because of the height of the sd ex85 plow. It is a pretty tall plow compared to a lot of other plows Ive looked at. My neighbor has a few doors down has an older western that is a lot shorter than mine. His truck doesnt get hot ever and its an 2000 chevrolet with a 6 litre. Now he said if he raises his plow up about 4-6 inches it does start to warm up and when he drops it down some the temp falls right back off. Mine doesnt and im wondering if its because of the height of the plow....
  13. pmorrissette

    pmorrissette Senior Member
    Messages: 175

    I saw a guy in Quebec City the other day who had cut out a 12" long by 10" high square out of the moldboard of his Fisher plow to allow air to the radiator...

    Honest to God

    He then had welded a piece steel mesh over the hole so not too much snow would fall through as he was plowing...
  14. snowcrazy

    snowcrazy Senior Member
    from ohio
    Messages: 409

    Well, my truck is the 4 door with the short bed so maybe i just feel like its really long. LOL I plow at some small strip mall (crap everywhere, poles, cart corrals, handi-cap signs, etc) and it just seems a little long in tight areas.

    Anyways, as for the speed limit, It got hot today at a consistant speed of about 40mph on a rural backroad. I will say one thing that seemed to help on my way back home as crazy as it sounds. I turned blade to full right and weaved the truck back and fourth and it seemed to work. It even came down in temp from about 230 back down to 210 while I was doing that. must have changed the aerodynamics just enough to get it a little breathe of fresh air I guess????

    Sounds like the hd fan clutch is what Im gonna start with 2marrow first thing in the morning....
  15. snowcrazy

    snowcrazy Senior Member
    from ohio
    Messages: 409

    By the way, I just wanted to thank all of you for taking the time to try to help me out. Ive had to get on here and ask just a few questions over the past few months and every time I get good honest answers. Not to mention quick responses.... Heck this thread has only been on here for just a touch over an hour and several replies.

    This is a great site and I am thankful to have it around!!!!!! Thanks all!!
  16. SMillerHD

    SMillerHD Member
    from IN
    Messages: 69

    As others said DO NOT waste the time\money on a electric fan, install the snow plow prep fan clutch. Pull the drain plug on the radiator and refill with premixed Havoline Dex-cool ONLY! It will take 2-3 gallons of it. Drain and fill once a year!

    Keep that plow on the ground like you did today, when you hit a bump it should smack the ground, if it doesn't then you have it to high. Keep it angled all the way to the right.

    Keep the truck in Tow\Haul mode all the time, the extra rpm will help keep coolant circulating faster and keep the fan speed up as well as cooler tranny temps.
  17. purpleranger519

    purpleranger519 Senior Member
    from Kansas
    Messages: 536

    SnowCrazy - Ive had that happen on an 04 Ext Cab and a 07 ext cab and the HD clutch is what you need as you have been told by a few others in here as well. Do you know if the cooling system has ever been flushed on your truck? If not do that right away as well. That truck takes Dex Cool which needs to be replaced every 5 years(I do every 3-4years), when Dex Cool gets old it clumps and clumps cause blockage. Don't try and save a buck by skipping the flushing, with Dex Cool you can't skip it and flush kits with all the adapters are cheap anyway.

    I attached a picture of what I run on my Blizzards. Its called an airfoil, I bought one from Blizzard and have made 3 others like it out of sheet metal and they make a HUGE difference.

    000     Airfoil.jpg
  18. cet

    cet PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,257

  19. snowcrazy

    snowcrazy Senior Member
    from ohio
    Messages: 409

    Does anyone know exactly where the drain plug is on the radiator???? I looked for the drain plug the other day and be darned if I could find it.........
  20. CrazyCooter

    CrazyCooter Senior Member
    Messages: 119

    If you have the HD with the plow prep package, you shouldn't have this issue. I had the same thing happen with my '03; it would overheat. It's a known issue at the dealership. I believe there is a service bulletin out for it. I took mine back to the dealer and it worked perfectly.