2003 Tundra - FS upgrade?

Discussion in 'Import and Other Trucks (Light Duty)' started by JoeZV8, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. JoeZV8

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    Just wondering what people with 1st gen Tundra's are doing as far as suspension upgrades go.

    I have a set of Bilstein HD's waiting to go in, but how about spring and bumpstop upgrades?

    I only have a snowbear plow right now that I acquired for free from a relative....but if I keep making more "friends" that need to be plowed out I may bump up to something a bit more robust than the snowbear (ex boss sport duty).

    Since I'm going to be doing the struts soon, what else should I consider??
  2. CarCrazed4Life

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    Timbrens should be good enough for a Snowbear if that.
  3. OP

    JoeZV8 Junior Member
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    The truck handles the snowbear just fine with it's whooped front suspension right now. But since I have struts I'm about to install I figured I'd find out if there were any other upgrades people were doing. I may move to something a little bigger next year, and I'd rather do the suspension once rather than dig in again later this year.