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2003 Asv rc-30 skid steer with 20' trailer, auger, snow plow, 2 buckets

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by kklick, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. kklick

    kklick Junior Member
    from ohio
    Messages: 11

    For sale is my asv rc-30 skid steer and trailer. I'm trying to sell it as a package deal but may seperate if necessary. The loader has the full cab with heat and wiper. It is a 2003 model with only 400 hours on it. It has a caterpillar/perkins diesel engine.

    "The RC-30 Compact Track Loader is changing the way people think about equipment. Although it's a very compact machine, about the size of an ATV, it can perform more work in varying terrains than larger tractors or skid-steers. Owners of the RC-30 can work on top of their lawn one minute without causing turf damage to carrying a bucket load of rocks through a muddy ditch the next. For landowners and hobby farmers the RC-30 gives you control of your jobs rather than the terrain or weather dictating when your work will get done. For landscapers, rental stores, and contractors, the RC-30 means more productivity, easy transportation and happier customers." http://www.asvi.com/rc30_main.cfm

    The trailer is a 20' multi purpose trailer. The rear of the trailer is a dump bed capable of dumping at least 3 ton. The front of the dump bed comes out and stores on the front of the trailer allowing full use of the trailer. This is a perfect trailer for a landscaper, deck builder or fence builder. The trailer is rated for 12,000 lbs. The dump section is 6'x7'. The front section is 14' long. The rear ramp is hinged at the top and bottom allowing opening either direction.

    Also included in the aucion is a snow wolf 6' hydraulic snow plow. http://www.asvi.com/rc30_worktools_d...?WorkToolID=35

    Both the standard bucket and the light materials bucket are included. http://www.asvi.com/rc30_worktools_d...?WorkToolID=22

    Aslo include in the auction is a general brand auger with 18" and 10" bits. The 18" bit has only dug 2 holes, the 10" probably about 30 holes. Both are in great shape. http://www.generalequip.com/product.php?prodid=28

    I'm asking $22,000 for the package.

    Feel free to ask any quetions or make a reasonable offer. 614-348-7996

    More photos here. http://www.gfxhost.com/pf.php?fid=4730#

  2. rcpd34

    rcpd34 Senior Member
    from MD
    Messages: 688

    Free bump for a cool set up.