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2002 v10 f250

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by Squires, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Squires

    Squires Senior Member
    Messages: 257

    Truck was a govt fleet vehicle
    auction purchase so taking it to a shop is not possible.
    It is declared that it has a misfire, no mention of a CEL
    "Engine has mis-fire - possible head gasket / intake leak "
    very low km's at aprox 15,000KM's

    I would think it is more plausable that it would be a coilpack as opposed to a head or intake leak

    Thoughts or common issues that cause issues with this engine?
    Most of my research says they are a pretty sought after engine if going the gas route in the superduties of this era.
  2. I've got a v10 in my 2000 excursion which is basically the same engine. Had a misfire in the #8 cylinder. Put a new coil pack on it and it helped but didn't completely fix the problem. Driving home that night on the expressway I actually had that spark plug come apart and the ceramic of the plug shot out of the metal thread and right through my new coil pack and destroyed it. Drove it home like that ticking all the way and put the old coil back on with a new boot and replaced all of the spark plugs and now it runs perfect. Also had to put a new catalytic converter on it, damn emissions. But after the cat install it actually runs better and feels like it has 30 more ft/lbs in it.
    I would first replace all the plugs and while doing so inspect the coil boots. Even a slight tear in them will cause that cylinder to misfire. Boots are cheap $5-10. That is the cheapest way to start since plugs are good to do anyway and coil packs can cost $50-$80 at the parts store. Did find a set of 10 accel on ebay for $220 but didn't need to go that route luckily. Good luck, hope this helps.