2002 dodge quadcab


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hey guys
just wanted an opinion on a personel truck for a couple of driveways, i have f-250's for the buisness-but just had a kid and want a truck with more room for the kiddies,probably just hang an 8ft pro-plow on it

thanks in advance


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Phila, Burbs
I run a f250 supercab with an 8' (lwb) bed & utility cap. I do all res work and although this is definetly not the ideal drive way truck ( not even close) I deal with it. Plowing is a side business for me and I have 5 kids. I'm always toting somebody and their friends around somewhere. If we got more snow in my area, I would go with a smaller truck just set up to plow. Like I said it's a pain in the butt, but when it snows, I plow................