2002 dodge quad spt1500


A freind of mine just bought that same truck a couple weeks ago to replace his 99 Dodge 1500 quad cab. What he found out is that almost no one is building a plow to go on that truck. Sno-way being the only mfg. he could find that is offering anything for that truck.

Anyone know why? Is the new style not heavy enough in the front end? I know they made some changes, but I thought it was supposed to be "ram tougher".

He's big into Meyer and was really disappointed they weren't offering anything. Also from what I heard Boss doesn't even have any plans to offer anything in future to go on any 1500 Dodge's. Don't know about Western.

John DiMartino

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A friend inthe blacktop business has a Meyer 7.5 on a 2002 Ram 1500 quad cab,this is his second yr with it on,i didnt ask him if his mount was custom or a meyer part.Might want to try Meyer yourself.


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They managed to get an 8' western on mine, they did cut a bit of the lower bumper.You ca barely see it. I raised the torsion bars 8 turns, and it seems to hold great. Thanks for the info!

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