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2002 1500 Silverado with boss plow

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by Kollerman, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Kollerman

    Kollerman Senior Member
    Messages: 113

    Hey guys,

    I need your opinion. There is a guy in SE Wisconsin selling his 2002 1500 silverado with a boss straightblade on it. This is what the guy has in his listing:

    2002 Silverado Z71 LT. Black, heated leather seats, all options including towing package. Includes 2003 Boss Plow in excellent condition, truxedo cover, new tires, battery, brakes, and full tune up. 93,000 miles, ready for winter. $14,500 or offer

    I have attached some pics of the truck.

    What does it look like to all of you guys. Just want to get your opinions and also some suggestions on what I should specifically look for when I go down and look at it.






  2. Kollerman

    Kollerman Senior Member
    Messages: 113

    2002 1500 with plow

    some more pics.......



  3. turbo5560

    turbo5560 Senior Member
    Messages: 285

    on the expensive side...
    but it looks clean
  4. deere615

    deere615 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,919

    I have to agree, clean but a little expensive although that might be normal for your area I don't know
  5. Kollerman

    Kollerman Senior Member
    Messages: 113

    2002 Silverado with Boss plow

    Thanks for the input guys. I also think that this might be a little high. I did email the seller asking if he would separate the plow and truck. I would assume that the mounting would be the same on my current 2000 GMC 1500 as it would be on his 2002 silverado.

    This would be my first plow purchase, so is there things in particular that you would suggest I look at?
  6. abbert55

    abbert55 Senior Member
    Messages: 170

    Things to look for

    The best way to check price in your area is to go to www.kellybluebook.com and see what a fair price is. Look under private seller to determine resale value (farmer to farmer as it were). On the plow, be sure to LOOK it over really well:dizzy: look for anything bent like the main and sub frames. Also look at the moldbord for bending, major dents or misalignment, measure the cutting edge and ask if this is the original one, this will give you an indication of its past life:salute:
    Hope this helps. :cool:Al
  7. Kollerman

    Kollerman Senior Member
    Messages: 113

    Thanks for the tips. I actually went to kbb.com last night and looked and the private party value for this truck and it's options is $14,215 in my area, so at $14,500, he isn't that far off. I will have to give him a call and see what he says tonight.
  8. Indy

    Indy Senior Member
    Messages: 704

    2002 Silverado Z71 LT. Black, heated leather seats, all options including towing package. Includes 2003 Boss Plow in excellent condition, truxedo cover, new tires, battery, brakes, and full tune up. 93,000 miles, ready for winter. $14,500 or offer

    That is the same set up I have (ex he has leather and I have a super duty) I don't think I could get that for mine and it is that clean.

    Smell the tranny fluid and "or offer" my guess is the plow is 2,500-3 here in my area + the truck.

    Good luck
    Mike C
  9. Kollerman

    Kollerman Senior Member
    Messages: 113

    Hi guys,

    The guy that thas this truck just lowered the price to $13,000 obo. If I can get this for $12,000, does this sound like a better deal?


  10. turbo5560

    turbo5560 Senior Member
    Messages: 285

    better... yes.... good deal.. hmmm... possibly. Friend bought one similar and then found out the head was cracked! Watch out!
  11. KGRlandscapeing

    KGRlandscapeing 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,660

    12 grand with the plow wouldnt be bad but what u need to do is crank the tbars and have it re alined who cares if the front sits high with out the plow. look for any serious twist to the plow and see if the plow will go stop to stop on the angles. and check the frame on the truck
  12. Burkartsplow

    Burkartsplow PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,246

    they are asking to much for that truck with that many miles on it. 11 K seems better to me, maybe even 10 grand. have to take it for a drive and also what type of plowing did he do with it..
  13. ABES

    ABES PlowSite.com Addict
    from MN
    Messages: 1,322

    i have to agree with 10K jmo but i think a plow lowers the value of a truck especially on a 1/2 ton you know its worked a hard life.
  14. Chevyboy

    Chevyboy Member
    Messages: 50

    It dont sound like a bad deal at all.
    I bout one just like that recently in Central WI and it did not come with a plow and that was for 14,000. So if i would have came across it i probably would have got it. I mean im looking at a new Boss straighblade right now and the cost of just the plow is around 4,100 uninstalled
  15. blueline38

    blueline38 Senior Member
    Messages: 436

    Up here I just traded in my 2002 F150 with 96,000 and the dealer gave me $13,500 and I kept the plow. Cheaper is always better, well sometimes, but it sound like a good price. If you can have a mechanic go through it for you before you buy!
  16. mayhem

    mayhem PlowSite.com Addict
    from Peru MA
    Messages: 1,016

    Edmunds.com says the truck in "outstanding" condition wiht the listed optiosn and miles is worth close to $14k private party sale. You figure that plow is worth an easy $1000.

    I do agree that a half ton truck coming with a plow is a potential bad deal though...the 1500 tranny's aren't exactly known for being the longest lasting ones out there...pushing heavy snow and lots of R-D-R-D cycles doesn't help any.

    I bought a 2000 3/4 ton Silverado with all the same options and 91k miles in Sept 2006 for $11,400 and added a used 8' Fisher MM1 HD to it myself for another $2500.

    If you cna get it for close to $10k, I'd say its very much worth your while to check it out, but make sure to pay alot of attention to the suspension, frame, tranny and motor.
  17. Kollerman

    Kollerman Senior Member
    Messages: 113

    The guy said that he only plows his driveway, a few of his neighbors, and a small parking lot of the church he attends. From the pictures, the truck and plow do look like they are in good shape. At $13,000, especially for around here, this looks like a pretty good deal.

    I am having a hard time deciding though. I currently have a 2000 GMC 1500 with the same amount of miles on and pretty much the same options. I know my truck has never had a plow on it and I have been thinking about buying a 7.6ft BOSS poly plow as well. Around here, a new BOSS poly plow is going to run me almost $4500 after intallation. I just need to make the decision on whether I want to get a truck with a plow on already or get one on my current truck.
  18. Chevyboy

    Chevyboy Member
    Messages: 50

    I am in the same boat as you. I have a 1999 Chev Silverado 2500. And are looking into a 8' Boss plow. I am located alittle north of you here in Wisconsin and that is what the plows are going for. From all of the trucks that I see for sale around the Oshkosh and Wautoma area. That price for a truck with those options and plow(with everything in good condition) everything that I see is priced right around their!!
    Hope that helps you out!!
  19. Burkartsplow

    Burkartsplow PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,246

    There are so many plow for sale this year it is ridiculous. You can get a year old or less plow for around 2500 to 3000 from all of the brands. I see them everyday on here and on ebay. I would just get a plow for your current truck and put a used plow on it. You know you have not plowed with your truck so you dont have to worry about any wear problems. You dont need to buy a new plow. Save your money and get used. just my opinion
  20. ahoron

    ahoron Senior Member
    from here
    Messages: 422

    93000 miles on a half ton with plow that truck has most likely been rode hard and but away wet. That being said a vehicle with close to 100,000 will start to show it's age. things will need to be replaced soon. I don't think a plow increases value on a truck with that many miles I would consider that a liability. JMO