2001 f-350 Mirrors


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trailer tow mirror is an option. try ford-diesel.com and post your question and you'll get an actual part number from someone.


Go to the dealer where u bought ur truck from and buy them right from ford and if u bought ur truck new you should get like a dicount card in the mail which gives you discounts on stuff for ur truck.I think its like 20 or 30 off last time i checked.

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If you are buying a truck with the larger tow mirrors on it, and dont want them, let me know, I will buy em from you.
I have the small mirrors and need the larger ones.
I bought a large enclosed trailer and the small ones dont cut it anymore
I will buy the set of tow mirrors from anyone that wants to sell em to me.
Or trade em....
Let me know



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Velvac who manufactures mirrors for big truck. Has very nice larger replacement mirrors avilable. With heat and power remote control. Another advantedge is that they swing both way unlike the stock Ford mirrors.

Mike Nelson

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Naperville IL
Just wondering if anyone here did the changeover from small to large mirrors?

Need to change the small ones I have on my Excursion.Do they make larger ones with heat,led ,and power?

Last question are they really $500.?

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Guys keep a close eye on Ebaymotors.com. I have seen them on there. I don't remember the price for them, I just looked and didn't find any thing this morning.

I would have to want one really really bad to pay $500. That is a lot of cash.


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OK guys I found the mirrors. I have no idea as to price because they aren't open today with it being Labor Day. For any body that already gets a Power Stroke Registery mag you know what I am talking about. For the rest of you, it is an awesome mag and one that is well worth the money to buy. $35 for a year, comes out 4 times and is huge (over 100 pages) with articles, and quality vendors to buy from. www.powerstrokeregistry.com This mag is where I found the mirrors. Good luck and have fun. Warning, the PSR mag is very addictive. I cannot wait for each issue. Then it usually gets read the first day I get it. And then goes on my night stand to reread at night.

The mirrors are at www.fordspecialists.com along with tons of other way cool stuff.