2001 Dodge Pickup


looking into newer plow truck this year. Was wondering if Dodge had fixed the tranny probs it had in the past. I love the interior in these trucks, but if the tranny is still weak, Ill have to look elsewhere. The truck im interested in, is a 2001 2500 slt...gas v-8, any probs?...thanks!

Randy J

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San Antonio, TX
I would think the gas has basically the same transmission as my diesel. I have 107,000 miles on mine, and it's holding up great. There are a lot of aftermarket performance mods for the trans that will help it hold up even better. I've seen people with a new torque converter & valve body get 200,000 HARD towing miles out of Dodge automatics, behind the diesel.


John DiMartino

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IMO,if you treat the Dodge tranny right,service it often,and are aware of its need to be placed in Neatral when idling,it will last a long time.I still think GM has the best auto's and Ford the worst.Fords are the most sensitive to contamination,if you servicer them often they seem to hold up,but no one does,and the torque converotr starts to chatter,then they fail.I personally havent had one single problem with the trannys in my Dodge's,and both were turned way up powerwise,I am not afraid to lay into them,and they have held the power great.My 2000 is putting out around 400hp,1000 ft lbs of torque,and ill be plowing with it this winter with a 9'2" Boss V,so if its weak it will fail,and ill let this site know if it does.I havent had any tranny trouble with any of my GM's either.


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Central Indiana
I am plowing for my second winter with my 2001 Dodge 2500 quad cab, gas,with a Boss V on front ..... 33,000 miles and no tranny problems yet.

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