2001 6.0L ping ping ping!


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Just seeing if anyone else out there is experiencing any/heard of any problems with the new 6.0L they are running in the 2500HD's

So far, I've got 11k miles and its starting to get worse. Along with the ping, now I've got 'knocking' when pulling the trailer or even when climbing unloaded.

Most of my miles are highway, but now as the season is in full swing, getting a lot of heavier towing miles under my belt. I pull some heavy loads, but nothing that should cause a problem this early in the game.

I've seen a lot of talk on other forums about similiar problems, and am not liking the verdict. Seems to be a common problem and GM seems to be denying any type of problems so far.

I scheduled an appointment for tomorrow, so will see how that goes, but am thinking this could be one of those long, ugly, journies into never, never land. Talk around the net is that they really haven't had any solid solutions, so I am guessing I will be picking my truck up tommorow with a lot of questions unanswered.

I pray this problem can be fixed, as this is my only truck and the last thing I need is to be going to the dealer every month to argue my case while they sit there and claim nothing is wrong.

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Does it do this with 89 octane? Does it do this with 93 octane? The computer can advance and ****** the timing, to prevent knocking and pinging. The exhaust has a "knock sensor" on it. IF it does it with all grades of fuel, then it is most likely a computer problem. You could also try checking the ignition timing yourself. It very well could be out of spec.



Sorry to hear of your problems, and i hope that you are able to get your truck fixed. I have a 2000 Silverado 1500, and i've had no problems with it pinging. Most of the time i run 89 octane, and on rare occasions i will run 87. I have heard of some problems with the 5.3 and 6.0 engines pinging.
Where i work, we have a 98 F-150 with the 4.2 V6 and a 95 Chevy 3500 box truck with a 350. The Ford truck has been somewhat of a disappointment. This truck has pinged since we bought it new..we'll have it 3 yrs. next month, and it has appox. 28,000 miles. Both of our trucks run off of the same gas..from the same station. However, the Ford gets 93 and the Chevy gets 87. We never hear the chevy truck ping. It's been to 2 different Ford dealer about 8 times because of this problem and for a few other problems we've had. They've replaced the MAF sensor a couple of times, cleaned carbon from the engine, reprogrammed the computer, added fuel treatment, replaced ignition the coil...and none of it does a damn bit of good. We first noticed the pinging on the 2nd week after we bought the truck. So, we went up to 89 octane, it helped some but the ping was still there. Then, we tried 93 octane and it eliminated the problem...until the truck had run for 30 min or so..and it pinged off of 93! We thought ok...well we need to try a different brand. We've tried a few tankfulls each of: Exxon, Shell, BP, Phillips 66, Amoco. This also has done no good at all.
I had the truck at the ford dealer 2 weeks ..that's when they replaced the MAF sensor, coil. When i picked it up, the tech said to run nothing but 87 octane in it. Previously i told him we strictly ran 93. After i picked the truck up that day, we drove it for 2 weeks and it still continued to ping. I called the dealer..they said to bring it back..that they had one more thing to try. I brought it in last thursday, and the same tech said, "have you tried a higher octane gas" SPECIFICALLY AFTER HE TOLD ME TO RUN 87 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THIS!! I made sure that i reminded him of that. He explained that they were gonna drain all of the gas out of the truck (1/2 a tank) and replace with 93 octane to see if that did the trick. I picked it up the next day, and they said the ping was eliminated with the 93. Again i told them that is what we were doing to begin with (running 93 all of the time, prior to taking the truck to them) and after the truck ran for a while it would begin to ping..even with the 93. The service manager said, "We've done all we can do for the truck..there's nothing more that can be done..if it continues to ping, just turn up the radio, or the fan if you run the a/c to drown out the noise. I know it's aggivating, but we've done all we can do."
Guess what?? I drove the truck back to the office..about a 25 min drive..and after about 20 min of driving..Old Faithful was pinging again!! To top it all off, when they drained the gas out of the truck, they only put 3.1 gallons back in it..so it was sitting on E. Our gas must have went in the serv. manager's truck..bout 15 gallons worth.
Sorry that my post was so long, but i had to vent. I know exactly what you mean about getting the runaround from the dealer and manufacturer. I'm gonna talk to my boss within the next couple of days to see if he wants me to call Ford Mo. Co., this is something that we haven't done yet. Best of luck to you..keep us posted on your problem.

Sorry my post was so long


I asked them about that...unfortunately, the with the Ford 4.2 V6, the timing is strictly computer controlled. So, there's no way for a tech to adjust it. Maybe a new computer would work? who knows..
thanks for the suggestion.



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May very well be a computer problem. The truck isn't out of warranty yet, it has been in for the same problem several times. Look into the lemon law.

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