2000 C-3500's

Latest issue of Fastline, truck magazine, Broadway Automotive, Green Bay, has 15 2000 C-3500's from a cancelled fleet order. Ad sez: 11,000gvw, 2wd, 60"CA, 350 V-8's w/auto. Cab/chassis, dual rear wheels. $16,900.00 after commercial rebate. From the photo, they are all white. That's all the specs given. Phone is: 800-498-0585. Looks like a good price if anyone is interested.



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I don't find it to be a good price a year and a half ago i bought a 2000 k3500 lpack drump with plow for only $18,000. And they are cheaper around here now! A c3500 is only 2 wheel drive besides.

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