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2000 1500 Reg Cab Short Bed-decent plow truck?

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by bikeluver43, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. bikeluver43

    bikeluver43 Member
    from Mass
    Messages: 84

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking to get into a cheaper truck than my current setup- 02 Ram 1500 Quad cab 4x4 SLT...anyways, I have a friend who runs a Dodge dealership nearby and he's got a 2000 Ram1500 Reg Cab shortbox 4x4 with only 40k miles on it. My current truck has 93k. If the deal works out well, I'll be saving about $3000 in financing and on payments. Downsides are I want an extended cab-a baby is due in August-but IMO a much lower mileage truck is worth more to me, and finding plow setups (used) is much easier for the older models. My question is- how do shortbed trucks do when plowing? I've seen them setup before but usually with 6 1/2' plows. I'm looking into a 7 1/2' Fisher MM 1/2. I know ballast is going to be needed-any idea how much? I'm thinking this will be a great driveway machine as it will be able to make those tight turns better. Any info is appreciated. :waving: :drinkup:
  2. Yaz

    Yaz PlowSite.com Addict
    from NH
    Messages: 1,061

    yes you said all the good things about a short bed reg cab truck. The short wheel base is nice turning. A 7.5 is perfect on that size truck.

    The bad new is a car seat.. not safe for a new baby in the front seat!:nono:
  3. bikeluver43

    bikeluver43 Member
    from Mass
    Messages: 84

    Yeah thats actually part of the reason I'm selling my current truck. My girlfriend currently has a 96 Jetta that is just not worth my time anymore, so I'm trying to cut back on all my debts and help buy a Subaru Wagon of some sort-probably a 97-2000 Legacy Wagon. We travel to Maine a lot and have a 130lb english mastiff dog so we need a good amount of space but want to save gas at the same time. So the truck will be more for just me and the wagon will be the family hauler LOL. :waving:
  4. 00 Ram

    00 Ram Senior Member
    Messages: 113

    trust me. as the owner of both a 2000 ram, AND a small child, you want that back seat. :D
    both of those vehicles are going to break, eventually, and need to be in the shop for a couple of days. this will happen when jr absolutely, positively has to go somewhere. you really want to have that flexibility to just throw the car-seat in the back of the other vehicle, and go.

    couple of other things...

    2000= no hemi. and no more powertrain warrantee, either. (expired at 36,000 miles that year). something to think about, especially when plowing.

    is the truck appropriately equipped to plow? plow prep package? or at the very least, "heavy-duty service package"? as far as I could tell, they are pretty much the same thing: max capacity front axle, (3850lbs), heavy-duty alternator, trans. oil cooler, trans. temp warning light.

    mine has the HD service, but no "plow prep" was available. they don't want you plowing w/ the quad cab. probably a weight and balance type issue, with the way the body stresses the frame. for whatever reason, chrysler doesn't approve. But the feature was available on the regular-cabs.

    so, I need to plow, this is the truck I have...The general consensus is that it should be ok, as long as I don't pound the crap out of it...just using it on my own driveway. So I've been searching and searching for a decent used plow that will fit, and be as lightweight as possible. 7.5 foot "light duty" (must be light duty!...others are too heavy!) can't find one anywhere. I've been watching here, the WandAds, Craig's list, ebay...very little has turned up. There's tons of 8-footer, 800lb+ plows for 3/4ton trucks and up...and a fair amount of 6.5 footers for smaller trucks. nothin' in the 7.5 foot "light duty" range. (just wanted to add that, as you commented "it would be easy to find...". nope:cry: )

    so I wound up buying a cheap snowbear plow. used it for the first time last night on that heavy, wet snow we got. I might have done it in 2 passes, considering how heavy the snow was, but it came down while I was stuck at work...couldnt' get to it until it was all over. Actually, it was quite a few hours after it all ended. got a little rain on top of it to make it extra-heavy. :rolleyes: well, the plow and truck moved the snow fabulously. Truck didn't even feel it. My only complaint is that its difficult to maneuver a long truck like this in the tight spaces I have...much harder than when I had my old Dakota. but of course, a regular cab/shortbed would be easier. It'll certainly have enough power, if that's what you're wondering. If I could have anything, though, I'd get a jeep, just for the maneuverability.
  5. bikeluver43

    bikeluver43 Member
    from Mass
    Messages: 84

    My 2002 has the 4.7, no HEMI was available that year. Plus my truck is waaay out of warranty-93k miles on it. I could keep my truck and throw a plow on it, but I really want to get something with less miles, and overall lower price. I owe too much on my truck to keep it compared to getting something that may be older and have less miles, yet still be a few grand cheaper than my truck. I don't care about warranty's as I do all the work to my vehicles myself, and if I can't do it I've made a lot of mechanic friends who own shops by handing out 30packs of beer :drinkup:

    As for the plow-I guess it really depends on what your looking to spend. My first plow I bought was for my 94 F150 Reg Cab long bed with the 5.0. I found a MM1 fisher 7 1/2' that had an under hood electric hydraulic pump with the manual valve body, all for $500. It was in great shape and the guy wanted a conventional mount for his old F350. I bought some used mounts for $150 and had a great heavy plow for $650. I'll never go with that type of plow again-the hydraulic couplers would always freeze and would take forever to attach, and the valve body was getting bad so it would allow the plow to drop whenever I'd drive somewhere-I had to use the travel chain holder. I'll probably get some mounts/push plates and go for a newer complete unit for around $1000-$1500, hopefully less due to the off season. I just wanted to know if people had this setup and what they did to get the truck to hold the plow well.
  6. 00 Ram

    00 Ram Senior Member
    Messages: 113

    yep, well, I just wanted to mention the warantee thing, in case you were wondering. for a couple of years, they abandoned the old "7/70" warrantee. I guess they decided that was a mistake, and brought it back...right after I bought my truck. :cry: but in 2000, it was "3/36".
    I know, you didn't mention it specifically. just throwin' it out there. these days, that would be a big + in favor of buying a vehicle w/ 40k miles, and also, a typical scenario. It wouldn't be unreasonable for one to assume.

    big difference between Ford, Chevy, and Dodge. Around these parts, Ford and Chevy are just way more popular. And they changed little over the years, so there is alot available on the used market. not so w/ dodge. just reporting what I've found over the last few months, and we're in the same area. If you're willing to collect the pieces as they become available, or if you can fabricate a mount...maybe. I know whats involved in getting a plow to mount on a different vehicle, and it ain't "easy"...unless you have some very special skills or good friends w/ the same. :D

    and I'd have been more than happy to spend ONLY $1500 for something suitable. couldn't find anything.
  7. bikeluver43

    bikeluver43 Member
    from Mass
    Messages: 84

    I completely understand what your saying, and your right. If I go with a Ford or Chevy I'd have no problem whatsoever, but I don't like either of their offerings for the years I'm looking into. The plus side about this truck is the lower miles, and the fact that I may be able to get an extended warranty on it-key word is may. I'm not sure if its got the plow prep package or not, I'll obviously have to look into that also.

    I have my mind set on a Fisher MM setup simply because around here they are everywhere. I've been able to find pushplates on ebay fairly often, and there's even a guy in the classified section of this site who is in Connecticut selling a MM1 for $1800 obo. But he doesn't have the truck side wiring:dizzy:

    The biggest thing I have going for me is time-If I purchase this truck it'll be within the next few weeks, but the plow won't come until the summer time. I'm going to buy it, start saving, hopefully get the girlfriend a new car, and then look into a plow mid summer. The baby is due in August so hopefully I'll have enough saved up on the side that will allow me to get something decent...if not I'll be getting a used snowbear myself!purplebou
  8. labinsky

    labinsky Junior Member
    from Canada
    Messages: 10

    Too bad you guys aren't closer to Canada. I am upgrading my plow, and would sell my 3 yr old minute mount 2, which is a 7,6"Rd model for $1500cdn. You would then only need to get a set of push plates (mounts) and the wiring.