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2 questions

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by clncut, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. clncut

    clncut PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,121

    1) When billing do you bill after every storm or how many times you were there during the month. I would think after every storm for commercials and monthly for residentials?

    2) There is a truck in the market that I may be interested in. I figured Id come to you guys to see what you think. The truck is a 96 F250 superduty with 43,000 origional miles. The guy who is selling the vehicle thinks it has a (7.3?) deisel , minor body damage and a western plow. He has yet to pick it up (made a deal with Amoco to get there used trucks) so the length of the blade is unknown at this time. He said the owner would like 5000.00 but will take 4500.00. What do you guys think. Thanks.
  2. gmlcinc

    gmlcinc Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    The truck sounds like a good deal depending on how badly damaged of course. The engine would be a 7.3 Liter Powerstroke. This is a great engine and you can expect 300,000 miles if you take care of it. I would buy something like that for 5000, but offer him 4500 first if you think he'll take it!
  3. Sweetpete

    Sweetpete Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    My only problem is that the mileage is too low for that year vehicle. It makes me wonder if it was run properly. I hear that diesel's need to get to proper operating temperature or it's bad for them.

    The mileage is low, and that's a good thing for a gas engine, but for a diesel, I'm a little hesitant. But who knows....I'm not a mechanic and have never owned a diesel. So this is just my opinion.

    I hope it works out for you.
  4. clncut

    clncut PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,121

    What maintenance would be needed for a diesel. I have never owened one. Thanks.
  5. MickiRig1

    MickiRig1 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,617

    The PSD takes a bunch of Oil like 16 qts (depends on year,options) for a filter and change. Filters and such are more expensive then gas trucks,but the engine also will go 300k miles. You have to drain water out of the separator at times. It will need some electronic parts replaced at times but for the most part it's worth owning. I drive ambulances with them since they came out and have never had one die on me! The Cam Position Sensor will die on you but if you carry one and the tools to replace it you will not be left waiting for a tow. Buy the "BOOK" on it and read it. The transmissions are kinda weak tho, 43k might be close to needing a rebuild?
    At 43K that engines just broke in and starting to get good MPG.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2005
  6. justme-

    justme- 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,138

    milage is not a problem, never worry about low milage on a diesel. Diesel engines need to be brought to operating temp before being used, but so do gas engines, and how many people ever do that?? More often than not diesel's with low miles were parked alot- possibly this one had tranny trouble coming from Ammoco and had alot of repairs hence not used alot, or possibly a back up truck. Believe me, the low milage is NOT from someone driving a half mile each way 5 days a week with a plow on it. I expect, BTW it is an 8' blade.

    Maintenance is no more than a gasser- empty the water seperator every time you fuel up, change the oil as recomended, use Diesel rated oil, basically the same. And you'll never be lacking for pushing power behind a blade of snow!

    Mick is absolutly right, but the Book (read your Owner manual too) and all will be well.
  7. motorider000

    motorider000 Senior Member
    Messages: 110

    i just purchased a new 2005 duramax. where is the water separator?
  8. justme-

    justme- 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,138

    RTFM. Read the owner manual- it should be on the fuel filter.
  9. lawnmedic

    lawnmedic Senior Member
    Messages: 703

    On the right side of the engine looks like a large oil filter. Change mine every 25000 miles(4 times now), but have never had to drain water from in. Your computer will tell you if it needs drained, as it has a sensor inside it...
  10. justme-

    justme- 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,138

    RTFM- never trust the computer to tell you when to drain it you're only asking for trouble. The senser's go bad and fail to read more often that you'd like to know. you should drain off a couple ounces every time you fill the tank.

    If the light on the dash comes on telling you you have water in the fuel there is a great chance some water has already gone past the seperator- it depends on the sensor design.