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2 Newb Questions

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by LordOfTheSith, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. LordOfTheSith

    LordOfTheSith Member
    Messages: 40

    I have a Western poly plow.....is there anything I can put on it to keep the snow from sticking and rolling freely? Also....I only do driveways....mine, my mothers and my grandparents....when the snow is heavy is there anything wrong with plowing in D2?
  2. ajslands

    ajslands 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,033

    Fluid film works well fothe snow sticking.
  3. LordOfTheSith

    LordOfTheSith Member
    Messages: 40

    so when I go to the hardware store I'm just looking for something called "Fluid Film"? Someone mentioned a type of grease to use.....I am having a brain fart but I think it started with a "C"
  4. ajslands

    ajslands 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,033

    Fluid film is sold at John Deere dealers
  5. Tony350

    Tony350 Senior Member
    Messages: 546

    Yeah fluid film for the snow sticking. Putting it in d2 will only lock out 3rd and 4th gear so it really isn't going to help unless your truck is getting into 3rd gear but I am guessing if you are only doing driveways, you aren't going fast enough. If you need more pushing power you could try using 4lo and try adding ballast weight if you need more traction.
  6. Pinky Demon

    Pinky Demon PlowSite.com Addict
    from Ohio
    Messages: 1,121

    I want to say a good polymer sealant as well, a.k.a. car wax. Just prep with a clay bar first.
  7. Kenyou

    Kenyou Senior Member
    Messages: 375

    The best deal that I have found is at McMaster-Carr. Don't ask me why, but you have to do a search on their site with their part number (12055K74 ) because it is not listed on their site. http://www.mcmaster.com/#12055k74/=9fz8lg.

    You can also go to the Fluid Flim site and compare prices. http://www.fluidfilmsalesusa.com/fforder.htm

    I buy it by the case and others buy it by the drum because it is really great stuff.

    Good luck.
  8. RedsGarage25

    RedsGarage25 Sponsor
    Messages: 60