1st timer part 2


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Let me thank everyone who replied to my posting.
My first thought was a jeep but i also have a hog of a snowblower (10HP) that i will need to carry along for those tight driveways. This will be a business that i will be in for a long time so i want something that will last. I am also opening a sub shop in the city & i also want to do lawn cutting for the spring & summer so a truck will come in handy for all of those task.
Has anyone ever used a rear plow? Once again let me thank all who replied & the person or persons who thought of this web site because it is truly a useful tool!!!!!!!!!!:waving:


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I have rear plows on all my trucks 2-Jeeps, 2-S10's, 1 Sierra, and 1 Suburban. I would not consider going out to plow without one! Only time I would not install rear unit, is if I had a large sites(over 10 acres) with lots of open space. And then I would probably opt for a loader instead of a truck with front and rear plows.

Once you have one, you will not want to plow without!

Let it snow!!


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