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1st & 2nd Purchases with Operasoft – All in one season

Discussion in 'Operasoft' started by XtremeSnowPros, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. XtremeSnowPros

    XtremeSnowPros Member
    Messages: 33

    I notice other clients from Operasoft posted here and there were a few of you guys asking about the experience of their system. So here is my own experience with looking for snow software program and my decision to purchase Operasoft’s Snow Management System."

    We had been looking to see what snow systems were out there, all the normal known systems. However I found them to be lacking in regards to what I wanted for my Snow Business.

    I first heard of Operasoft back in Jan. 2011, I contacted them to find out what they were all about. Spoke to their sales person and we had done an online demonstration of their complete solution. We were truly impressed that this one company could offer so much. As it was a very complete solution and something we could really use, it did come with a large price tag. I couldn’t see ourselves paying out that amount to a company that was new to me and that we didn’t know much about them at the time.

    In March 2011 I had decided to purchase another software system, which was at a lower cost and thought would be easier to fit into our budget at the time. It didn’t take me long to find out that, it wasn’t the best ideal I had. It required and still requires much attention and time which is not what I wanted to do. I bought that first system to save us time so I can grow our business. That is most likely why I had always kept Operasoft in the back of my mind.

    It wasn’t until meeting J-P in person at the 2011 Symposium during the Snow fighter premier night where we spoke again. I introduced myself and we began to talk more about my issues and the pricing once more. JP had let me know that they had a new pricing plan that would better fit with most if not all businesses. He explained the new offer and the other stages I could purchase if required.

    For the next days at the trade show I bombarded J-P & Paul with questions about their product. I visited and revisited all snow software booths and kept coming back to Operasoft with other questions that came up. Again it was clear to me that Operasoft seemed to have the best solution for me yet again and this time the pricing wasn’t an issue.

    After the show I finally decided to purchase 12 units. Being a businessman I was still cautious, I had not equipped my whole fleet. You know what they say, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. After having our training, setting up of my clients lots & the 12 units installed, I quickly saw the benefits of the system. The GPS accuracy is the best I’ve seen thus far from any vendor.

    Within 4 months after I pulled the trigger to equip my entire fleet of over 35 plus vehicles & pieces of equipment. This system has already saved me money that I would have normally paid out if I didn’t have their system in place in the first 6 months. That’s an ROI I can love.

    Having a great system is nothing if you don’t have the customer service that goes with it. That’s what makes the product great. We all know that no system is 100% without changes, or need for updates. Their support staff is very responsive and most issues can be cleared up just be a simple email or quick call to support or even J-P.

    I’m now looking forward to 2nd phase, having the Touch Screens (on board terminals) in the vehicles, having all my operators see any route they have to do with one touch of a button.