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1999 Silverado 1500 4WD problems

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by RuthAF, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. RuthAF

    RuthAF Junior Member
    from bc
    Messages: 2


    This is my first post here (and I am darn glad I found this site). My truck will engage the
    4wd most of the time. When it is engaged, whether it is full time or auto 4wd, when I turn left, a sound comes from the front left wheel well (?) and it sounds as if my tire was rubbing against the well, which it isn't. Recently, I have had problems getting it to engage at all (did I mention that it is push button/on the fly?) and the service 4wd light appears now and then. Any suggestions?


    RBRONKEMA GHTFD 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,592

    Hey welcome to the site. You'll recive alot of feedback here in the winter, as this is a pretty busy site that time of year.

    Okay getting back to business, if I were you I would bring it in and have them put the truck on the computer. If your 4X4 light is on, on the dash and it is making a noise when you turn I would get it looked at. It sounds to me maybe a cvc axle on that side that is bad?. That is just my guess. But like I said I would bring it to a 4X4 shop and tell them what is going on.

  3. RuthAF

    RuthAF Junior Member
    from bc
    Messages: 2

    Thank you for the advice

    Thank you for your advice. I will have to get into a shop and have them check it out. I was hoping that it was going to be some dumb quick fix thing or something that I need not worry about.
  4. Yaz

    Yaz PlowSite.com Addict
    from NH
    Messages: 1,061

    Sounds like you 4x4 actuator buttons are dirty inside or a solder joint is bad or cracked inside.. with a little time you can pop off your dash bezel and take out the switch with no tools. Two small screw drivers to lift the clips around the actuator to get it apart. clean the PCB with a pencil eraser and carbon contacts with a clean paper towel. the inspect all the solder joints with a loop. As far as your front end noise, check the sops, they may just need grease. It could be the CV joints but The stops rubbing metal to metal are very common and grease on them makes that cringing noise go away.

    Good Luck, Yaz

    If you don't feel like taking the actuator apart you'll be looking at over 70 bucks for a new one. Send me a PM... I'll pay shipping for your old one for a spare! lol