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1999 F350

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by lawlopez, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. lawlopez

    lawlopez Member
    Messages: 36

    1999 F350 V10 with little used Fisher Plow.
    98000 miles.

    This truck was purchased for $18,500 two years
    ago. About $2000 in misc work was done to
    it to make it "perfect".

    About 5000 miles was put on it since then.

    The original 95000 miles was put on it in about
    3 years by the original owner apparently either
    going to/from work and towing a boat.

    It has one very minor ding in the right rear corner.
    You probably won't notice it at first.

    Mechanically it is perfect (at least as far I can tell).
    Cosmetically it is very good although not

    It has a 3" lift kit.

    It has all the stuff you want.

    It's a lariet with AT/AC/leather/power seat/CD/
    super cab (that's 4 doors).

    It plows like a dream.

    I'm out of work and I need the money.

    It's never been used to plow commercially and
    it's been used very little to plow at all.

    I've generally had a plowing contract
    on my driveway.

    $15,000 will take it.

    It has a completely clear NH title.

    The original owner sold it because he is a mason
    and he needed a dump body. He purchased a Ford diesel dump body to replace it.

    Why am I selling it ?
    I lost my job I'm consolidating.

    I can deliver it within a few hunded miles.
  2. lawlopez

    lawlopez Member
    Messages: 36

  3. lawlopez

    lawlopez Member
    Messages: 36

    I might take a toyota or something in trade.
    something to get around in and do a little tiny
    bit of plowing.
  4. lawlopez

    lawlopez Member
    Messages: 36

    Truck is gone.
    Traded in to a dealer for a Tacoma.
    It was a wonderful plow truck.