1998 Ford Ranger Q's


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I'm looking at a 98 Ranger reg cab with a short box, and it has a snoway plow on it. Will this truck make a good "light" duty plow truck? how would the front end hold up? and just the normal wear and tear stuff...thanks for the help


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We have a 99 with a fisher MM head frame, and 7' meyer plow, the front end has been fine. We added load boosters, and the seem to help alot. the weak link is that light duty 5 sp auto that ford uses.Ours blew reverse this year with only 38K on the odo.
If you do commercial work where you have enough room for two trucks on site, then the nimble ranger will sure compliment the big Dodge. You would be able to clean all the tight areas and let the dodge do what it does best - especially tight corner work where the manual tranny in the dodge gives you more of a workout.

It would also be efficient for travelling between accounts when less than a full service is needed - i.e. touchups or inspections.


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I'd agree with Dino saying the tranny is the weak link. I had a 94 ranger and the trany didn't last. However I used it as a fullsize pick up, it had 1 ton springs in the back and I just worked it into the ground. It was definitly a tough little truck, just don't use it like it's a fullsize truck.

Make sure it's got the 6 cyl in it.

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