1997 F350 front springs, yes again

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by Chipper, Oct 9, 2019 at 10:37 PM.

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    Been wasting way to much time trying to find front springs for my truck. Used truck don't know how the springs got wrecked. Add a leaf won't work. Everything comes up Super duty. I'd love to get the X plow prep springs from Ford. However the local Ford parts guy is of "NO" help and the computer isn't any better.
    So does anybody have a "part number" I can use? If Ford no longer makes them who else? Truck is a 1997 F-350 7.3l diesel reg cab Dana 60.
    Thanks for the help.
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    Is there a spring / chassis shop close by that can make you a spring that suits your needs?
    I went that route on my ‘96 and ‘97 and cost wasn’t bad meaning less that springs from a lift kit mfr.
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    And replace, don't re-use the u bolts. Check the front shackles for wear. If it's the set up I remember.
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    Here's another online source, I've never used them but have a friend that has with good luck.

    https://www.autoandtrucksprings.com/1980-1997-ford f350-4wd-models-with-solid-front-axle-suspension-heavy-duty-front-leaf-spring-43-516hd/#tab-2

    Also since you have the springs oot I'd recommend replacing the shackle bushings where they pivot in the frame
    You'd be amazed how sloppy they get and replacing them will tighten up the "handling" of the pickup.
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    This is where Ive always gone for any springs or u bolt tell them what you need and they can make it if they have to. Even had spring U bolt plates in stock for the rear of my 87 f350 diesel.

  8. OP

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    Found the number it's 2C34-5310-AFA for the X code springs. Haven't checked with Ford to verify it yet.
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    As Buff mentioned, try a spring/truck/chassis shop if you have one around you. We have a pretty good spring/truck shop. They'll make up leaf springs and/or reached the originals.

    Good luck, NYH1.
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    And if you have a local spring shop, if you have never replaced springs before, ya might want to take the truck to them and have them do it, the labor charge is really not that much. Are you by Babcock springs?
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