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1996 k1500 ext cab with 6.5 deisel

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by 00bluegtp, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. 00bluegtp

    00bluegtp Member
    Messages: 71

    I am going to look at this truck tomorrow and would like to know what common issues they have so i can check and make sure there is nothing wrong with it before i purchase it. It is a really good price, it has no rust, and it has a meyer 7'6'' plow and only has 100k. The truck looks really nice too. just please let me know what issues they have. i know the injection pumps are a known problem on these. Im trying to add another reliable truck to build my bussiness up not a pile of you know what.
  2. Detroitdan

    Detroitdan PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,937

    I'm a big fan of the 6.5, been plowing with it for 10 years. You need to know some of the quirks. The injector pumps are rumored by many to be problematic, but personally I think most of the problems are misdiagnosed PMD issues. 96 still had the old style cooling system, it can be updated but it's an additional cost and work involved. So you're going to want to watch your temps while plowing.
    As far as stuff to look for, only thing I can think of offhand is the framerails right behind the front upper control arms. Some guys have been able to break them from the weight of the plow. That's not a big plow so your probably ok. Look the cooling system over good, and check to see if anything expensive is leaking.

    I don't think I'd run a 1500 for much more than a few driveways, and I don't think I'd run a Meyers period. But tha'ts just personal preference. Plenty of people do, so as long as you use it within the limits of a 1500 truck I'm sure it will work out well for you.
  3. damian

    damian Senior Member
    Messages: 330

    some 6.5 facts:at our shop, we've replaced more 6.5's than any light diesel engine - ever. mostly overheated, head gaskets,broken cranks,cracked heads.cracked blocks at the main bearing saddles.-dont overheat this engine. glowplug issues,broken off in heads,repeat failures.exh man bolts pass side. dampened lower belt pulleys- rubber sqashed out. idm,s non stop but the new grey ones seem to hold up.injector pump failure mostly pulse width solenoid and optical sensor. vac pumps,oil cooler lines and waste gate solenoids.decent used engines are rare,many cheap internet engines available,we've not had much luck with them.relocating the idm to the top of the intake doesn't work,relocating the idm with a 6ft extension outside the engine compartment does.only use delco glow plugs they have stainless bodies and wont sieze in the heads.make sure the pump timing is right advance timing is tough on the pistons and glowplugs.almost all 6.5s we see have a problem with the waste gate system,solenoid,vacpump,vac lines or actuator.at this point most trucks with 6.5 have just been around too long. good luck.
  4. Detroitdan

    Detroitdan PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,937

    I had the vacuum wastegate problems, got rid of it and had a mechanical wastegate for years. Made the engine run better with smoother boost. Now I have a non-wastegated turbo. I removed my vacuum pump just so it couldn't be another failure point, since I wasn't using it anyway. Mechanically, I think the only things I've replaced other than performance upgrades are the glowplugs once at around 120k, injectors at 142k, changed the crank position sensor a long time ago, changed the damper last year, wasn't bad but everybody warned me it was going to fail soon because of it's age. Changed the alternator twice and batteries twice. Guess I've just been lucky with the injector pump. I've had to change the PMD 3 or 4 times but not at all since putting it in the front bumper.I try to be good about adding fuel additives, but I do forget a lot. I use (when I remember) Power Service grey in summer, PS white in winter. About every 3 or 4 tankfuls I throw in a small bottle of 2 cycle oil, or sae 30. I really believe this sh*t ultra low sulfur diesel is harmful to the injector pump and esecially the opitc sensor. Sulfur was what lubricated the pump, ULSD doesn't have lubricity, so I think it's good to add some.
  5. Detroitdan

    Detroitdan PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,937

    I will agree that 6.5s die due to heat. Particularly the pre-97 style with the poor cooling system design. And it's a little disadvantaged as it is the only true light duty diesel in that market segment. The other guys didn't design a light duty diesel engine for pickups, they instead bought up medium duty engines and shoehorned them into the pickups. That turned out to be a good idea, especially with the ultra successful Cummins. And I think 90% of that sales success was from the cool facotr of having a big commercial engine nameplate on the side of the truck. I always heard GM considered a small Caterpillar but it didnt work out, nothing existing was small enough, and a fresh redesign just for pickups would have been redundant to designing the 6.5. Too bad, because no matter what they put in the trucks, as long as the painted it Cat yellow and put Cat badges on the truck, nobody would have been able to touch them in popularity, back then Caterpillar was a much more recognized brand name than Cummins.
  6. rbtaylor14

    rbtaylor14 Junior Member
    from NW Iowa
    Messages: 2

    Here is a check list for you to take with you. As far as the cooling system goes if you clean the radiator out and put a High Output water-pump on you will be fine. The thermostat should only be replace with a AC Delco one. If you do get the truck when running it make sure you keep an eye on the temp. Regardless of what it says is red line for temp anything over 212 is very hard on them. I have had a 6.5 for many years and never had any trouble except for PMD issues. They have gotten a bad rep from people not knowing anything about them. Another thing I would do is ask the seller what oil he is running in it. If it is anything other than 15w-40 run fast run fast it will have bearing damage and wont hold up. Here is that check list that is from another site I belong to I told you about and if you need more help just shoot me a PM and I can cal you or you can call me. I work on these and know about them.
    1. Describe the problem you are having in detail:

    2. Year of truck/engine.
    3. Odometer reading (indicate miles or kilometers).
    4. Indicate the model number on the Injection pump (starts DS4 or DB2......).
    5. Indicate if you know if it’s a 1500, 2500, 2500HD, 3500, 3500HD.
    6. Do you have an EGR on the engine? (An F or an S engine code 8th VIN digit)
    7. Air Filter condition (visual check).
    8. Fuel filter condition (freshly changed, mileage since changed).
    9. Location of PMD/FSD? (ex. on pump/remote over intake, behind bumper).
    9a. If remote mounted, describe wiring harness (homemade or purchased from which vendor).
    9b. Indicate the location and condition of the FSD/IP grounding wire.
    10. Outside Temperature (C or F). _____ °

    11. Service Engine Light while running?- on/off/intermittent
    11a. Service Engine light does glow during start/cranking/bulb check: Yes/No
    12.Have you scanned for engine codes? Yes/No
    12a. List exact results on engine codes.

    13. Condition of Battery terminals (removed, cleaned and tightened).
    14. Known condition and age of Batteries.
    14a. Are batteries a matched set of same age?
    15. Condition of Major Grounds (removed, cleaned and tightened)

    16. Does engine crank, or "turn over"?
    16a. Does engine start and run?
    17. If engine does not start- Crack injector line: do you have fuel? Yes/No
    18. Does your Wait To Start light come on?
    18a.Number of seconds WTS light is lit.
    19. Engine Cranking speed (if you have an accurate tachometer).

    20. Are you experiencing Stalling?
    20a. Describe the event (upon startup only, down the road, hit a bump, etc...)
    20b. Do you notice loss of dash or instruments?
    21. Check turbo inlet and air filter for obstructions.
    22. In a no-hot start, pour a bottle of room-temp water on the injection pump. Does it start now?
    23. Lift pump test - Describe results.

    24. Upon cold start, does the radiator hose get hard quickly? Yes/No
    25. Upon cold start, do you have excessive white smoke? Yes/No
    26. Do you have excessive cranking time before the engine starts? Yes/No
    27. Have you used the block heater? Does it affect engine starting? (only try for starting problems).
    28. Are all glow plugs in proper working order?

    29. During hard acceleration, do you have excessive black smoke? Yes/No
    30. Do you have any unusual exhaust smoke issues?
    31. Turbo check out - Pass/Fail
    32. Indicate fuel that you are using: Bio-Diesel, #2 Diesel, SVO/WVO, other
    32a. If running Veggie Oil fuel setup, indicate details of your conversion (homemade or packaged system).
    33. Are you using any fuel additives? If so, please list.
    34. Upon unscrewing fuel cap, do you have a large vacuum formed in the tank? Yes/No
    35. Do you have any service history available that might pertain to the problem you are having?
    36. Please indicate any modifications to the vehicle that might help us diagnose better.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2010