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1995 Gmc K2500 4x4

Discussion in 'Residential Snow Removal' started by Michael Fabish, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Michael Fabish

    Michael Fabish Junior Member
    from 43085
    Messages: 1

    Plow AND 4WD went out simultaneously while I was working on the iced-up windshield wiper.

    Blade works when I jump the hot side of the DC motor w/the postive terminal of the battery. So I know the problem is on the truck-side.

    I replaced the main switch & solenoid. (keeping old as spares). Plow not working yet.

    I replaced the Ornan Relay in the fuse box several years ago but forgot to log the circumstances.

    Has anybody experienced the above?

    Mike Fabish
    Columbus Ohio
  2. what kind of equipment do you have?
  3. douglasl330

    douglasl330 Senior Member
    Messages: 356

    Take the truck out of 4 wheel drive-- check your fuses--- if you have one thats blown continue on --- common problem with late 80's to mid 90's is the front axle actuator goes-- this is a part in the front axle-- when it shorts it does some crazy things-- whatever is on or connected to that circut is off for now example : 88 was front axle, field for altenator and cig lighter and blower motor for heat. If for some reason they tied the plow into that circut as well, this could be your fix-- best of luck