1995 chevy 2500 2wd,how to lift?


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I don't know how much lift you're after, but your options with a 2wd are limited. IMO body lift is the only real practical way to go about it, I don't have any experience with "jellybean" ('88 and up) trucks but I put a 2" body lift when I swapped cabs on my 2wd '75 about 10 years ago.

Why a 2" lift? I wasn't after the "tall truck" look as much as making it easier to access things like the distributor and crossmember bolts, and a 2" lift allowed me to keep all my stock linkages/cables etc. I just fabbed my own blocks up and installed them between the cab & the rubber cushions.


What kind of lift do you want there are major cost difference between suspension lifts and body lifts. Are you looking for more accessability to the underneath of you truck, more suspension travel or just looks. A 2wd lift from fabteck starts at 702.95. Which includes 3 inch spindle lift in front, four shocks, and a 1.5 inch rear lift blocks. There are two other kits for $1300 and $2200 the 6 inch lifts. Thats just plane nuts for a 2wd. Lift blocks are much simpler to use and since you have a newer vehical should go on fairly easy. i did a bodylift on my 75 f-250 factory highboy and had to torch every single bolt on the whole thing. Go for the body lift much simpler and cheaper about 80 dollors compared to 700 dollors

Just my opinion

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