1995 2500 Cheyenne?


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Moline, IL
My uncle is selling his 1995 Chevrolet Cheyenne 2500 4x4. It comes with a plow (I think a western, maybe 7.5'?) and dump body insert (new). It has low miles--40,000. It has an automatic transmission and i think a 5.7L.

I am going to look at it over the weekend. He is selling it for $10,000. I'll see how good of condition it's in.

This truck would replace my '89 silverado c1500 reg cab sb. I plan on getting $4,000 out of it.

So, any comments on this truck? Does it sound like a fair price?



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Sounds pretty good to me, especially with the equip that you get with it. just be sure to check it over, even at 40k. My uncle had a 95, nice all around, he just wanted a vortec motor, so he bought the same thing in 98, overall good work trucks.

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