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1992 F-150 Plow Lights

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by Chickenlover21, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Chickenlover21

    Chickenlover21 Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    I have a 1992 F-150 with a plow, wireing the electrical was diffucult because of the age of the truck and I did it myself. For the summer when I want to disconnect the lights is there an easier way to disconnect the electrical? I was thinking cutting the wires at the begining of the lights and using a male to femal plug. Is this a good idea? Any suggestions
  2. sefh

    sefh Senior Member
    Messages: 439

    I've done this for a 95 F150 and also for a Jeep and have had no problem
  3. adksnowo

    adksnowo Senior Member
    Messages: 370

    The male/female plug idea is excellent. We have a 1992 F-250HD that we cut the wires and did just that with. An auto parts store should be able to hook you up ith a 5 way plastic connector, male/female w/ pigtails (think mfr. line was Standard). You need high beam, low beam. running lights, turn signals and a proper ground. I soldered all the connections and used shrink tube, then used GOOD 3M electrical tape around all the shrink tube fittings to really connect it in a trouble-free manner. Top it off with plastic convoluted loom and it should be all set. One more thing in the off season plug up the connectors on truck side w/ something, I simply bought 3 packages of connectors and used the spares (wires cut off so as not to cause a short!) to plug in the truck.
  4. Chickenlover21

    Chickenlover21 Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    Thanks for the info, i will try it after this winter...