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1991 Ford Work Horse

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by rbs299, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. rbs299

    rbs299 Junior Member
    Messages: 9

    This is a great truck that I no longer have room for. Looking to sell it to someone who will love it as much as I have. I have had a ton of new things done to it. Here is a list-

    1991 Ford F-350 Pickup

    History of Service – Tuffy Auto Service Centers

    Brake inspection
    Replace front park brake
    Exhaust inspection
    Replace air filter
    Replace fuel filter
    Front differential flush
    Gear oil 80w90
    Manual trans fluid service
    Transfer case fluid service
    Good oil change
    Oil filter
    XD-3 deisel oil 15w40
    Multi vehicle trans fluid synthetic
    MOC extreme pressure lube
    Wiper blade 18”
    Transfer case fill plug

    check parking brake
    rear brake service
    rear brake drums
    brake shoes, premium O.E.
    Rear brake hardware
    Rear wheel cylinders
    Replace wheel cylinder
    Bleed/flush brake system
    Replace front master line
    Replace rear brake lines
    Check for fuel leak
    Stalls at times
    Fuel line 3/8 x 10 ft
    Install lite bar
    Dot 3 brake fluid

    steering check
    2 wheel alignment
    Battery gauge flickering
    Charging system check

    No crank no start
    Charge lite on/no volts on Gauge
    No dash lites
    Draw test/system
    Voltage reg.
    Voltage reg. Pig tail
    Battery 850cca
    Charging system analysis
    Headlight switch
    Rewire radio for dash lites
    brakes went to floor
    master cylinder w/res new
    bleed /flush brake system
    front caliper set/loaded
    runs hot overheated
    engine thermostat o.e.
    radiator, new
    radiator cap
    power steering booster
    fuel leaking under vehicle
    fuel tank unit 19 gal side
    fuel tank straps
    fuel sender lock ring
    fuel sender seal
    Dot 3 brake fluid
    #32 hose clamp
    #28 hose clamp

    battery warning lite is on
    alternator assy/100 amp rema
    v65-6 interstate powervolt batt
    check conrol knobs
    report pto operation
    charging system analysis

    Engine diagnosis
    MPI ¼” fuel line
    “O” rings
    reseal all (16) injector returns
    sleeves and replace return
    includes adjust injector pump

    rear brake shoes
    rear brake service
    resurface drums
    rear brake hardware
    rt parking cable
    lt park cable
    free up park adjuster
    front caliper service
    repair per safety insp
    rear wheel studs
    wheel nuts

    r/rear brake drum
    wheel studs
    wheel nuts

    reman starter assy
    pos batt cable harness assy
    dexron/mercon trans fluid

    fan clutch assembly

    Selling it for $7300 OBO I am in Chicago land so call me if you want to see it or drive it.

    630-479-5993 Dan
    Call with questions.