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1991 chevy hard start

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by AB TRUCKING INC, Dec 14, 2010.


    AB TRUCKING INC Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    hey guys new to this but i got a 1991 chevy 1500 4wd 5.7 tbi 5 spd that will not start with out a few shots of starting fluid to get it going. The check engine light code said tps so we put that in and no change. All so it had a new fuel pump a month ago or so anyway im stumped and it plow time so i need to fig this out
  2. woodchuck2

    woodchuck2 Senior Member
    Messages: 304

    Change the coolant temp sensor and check the plugs.
  3. Nismothunder

    Nismothunder Junior Member
    Messages: 27

    Whats it doing? I'd replace the fuel modul to start, thats a common problem on older chevys. I'd also look at the wires at night if you can see any arcing, I had a ford that wouldnt start other wise and it was the wire leading from the dizzy to coil(or slyanoid, I forget where it goes) Try plugging the block heater in and see if it starts, if thats the case then I say your wires are junk.

    AB TRUCKING INC Junior Member
    Messages: 2

    It wont start unless you shot starting fuild in the tbi hot or cold in dont matter once its running it runs great looked at it at night no arcs were is the fuel mod. at?
  5. bill7101

    bill7101 Member
    Messages: 34

    sounds like the fuel pump relay is bad, after it starts it uses the oil pressure switch to stay running, it just needs the inital start to get the oil pressure up thats why the starting fluid works