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1990 2500 4x4 + Western plow, get in it and go

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by TheEquineFencer, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. TheEquineFencer

    TheEquineFencer Member
    Messages: 88

    Snow Plow and 4x4 Chevy 2500 - $4500.00 (Farmville,NC)
    1990 Chevrolet 2500, Western Plow, it's a 7ft6 inch I think, new 5/8 thick edge last season, oil and filters just changed on plow and truck. Mobile1 Synthetic and AC/Delco filters on truck. Truck just had the front end replaced, ball joints and all, new front axles both sides, brakes repaced all the way around, drums turned, rotors were replaced 2 years ago.Transmission was rebuilt last snow season; 2 years ago. Engine was replaced right before I got it with a GM Crate engine. New plugs, wires, cap and rotor last snow season. Aprox, 6000-8000 miles on engine.New battery, New 200 amp low RPM alternator,100A at idle, 200A @ 60*@ 1200 RPM. This keeps the battery charged very well for the plow motor. Truck was not driven last year. The body is decent, it's no cream puff, minimal rust, needs a front seat. A/C works, has Tilt, CC, but CC,it needs attention. New wiper blades. Tool box in bed, flip top, standard type. It's is one you can get in and go right now! Plow type below, it's a conventional.
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  2. TheEquineFencer

    TheEquineFencer Member
    Messages: 88

  3. TheEquineFencer

    TheEquineFencer Member
    Messages: 88

    Price drop $3000 OBO

    I went up to NY and CT. with this during "Nemo" and everything work great. I'd like to sell it now to get into another truck I've found. $3000.00 OBO. I also have a Western Unimount Plow side only I'd like to sell. $500.00. Local pick up, no shipping. I need to get rid of some stuff this week if possible. It now has 1300 more miles on it. Averaged 14.3 mpg hwy.
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