1990 1 ton


Beckley WV
Im looking at a 1990 gmc 1 ton 4x4 duel wheel flat bed to plow with what do you guys think. it is a 454 with 4 speed with 456 gears. I have a boss plow that came off my 1998 ram.


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Should work, but why are you even considering a 4sp for a plow truck?

Remember a 1990 truck is now 13 years old. Things start breaking that are quite annoying. I'd look for something a bit newer or a bit older if I were you.


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I'd reconsider getting a manual transmission for plowing. With those duals you will likely need a 9' - at the very least 8'6" plow. What size came with that Ram? Also, with a flatbed the rear end is going to be pretty light - you're going to need plenty of ballast. I have about the same setup and find an empty 900+ lb Vbox about the right amount.


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Ben, Welcome to Plowsite!!!:drinkup:

Look around for Maverick, he's got a similar setup.

If you do a lot of backing with your plowing, you'll want an automatic for two reasons:

1. Your leg/ankle won't be sore at the end of a night of plowing.

2. Atomatics are faster to shift, and actual ground speed in reverse is faster. Time is money!

If you're doing roads where you only back occassionally, a standard is fine.


Beckley WV
My current boss is a 7'6'' but thinking about going to the 9'2'' V if i get the truck. The reason for the 4 speed is that i have never had trans problems with them. The truck has been taken care of I think that I will buy it. Thanks Ben