1989 Chevy C-1500


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The brake light on my dash is intermitent. Sometimes it comes right on and sometimes it takes a 15 minute drive. Sometimes it will not come on at all. The truck stops on a dime in a nice straight line. Brake job including new rear wheel cylinders was done a few weeks after the light came on. All work was done by me. I even had a reputable repair shop in the area take the truck and check my work incase I missed something and they found nothing wrong, except to say that it looks like a (bad ground) or other wiring problem that could take hours to find, but not a problem with the operation of the brakes. Truck does not have ABS. The e-brake switch tested out fine. I had a new engine installed and this problem started about 2 months later. I have looked all over for broken ground straps but have found nothing. Any ideas?? :mad:


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89 brakes

had the same problem with the cab i just put on my 76 and after searching all wires i found the return spring on the emergency brake pedal was weak and letting it move and cause the break light to go on and off.