1989 Chevy 3500 4X4 9' plow


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S. Maine
Updated, we put the truck back on the market after the spring cleanups are done!
1989 Chevy 3500 Silverado (LOADED) 7.4 liter 454, new automatic transmission, 8' Fisher plow, low gears for pulling, Red and White with Red interia. Lighted viser, Yellow rotator light, Runs great with VERY VERY little rust (only behind on cab corners) 145,000 miles but looks like 90,000!!!!! Its the red and White one in pic. Will plow or pull or tow anything. (selling to purchase skidsteer)

With 8' blade $3999.00
With 9' blade $4299.00
Call 207-655-3138 Before 8pm Eastern time or email me at lndscape@maine.rr.com
Can see more pics at www.ideallandscaping.com
Can help make delivery arrangements!


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