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I have a 1986 F150 4X4 302ci pick-up,it is in very good condition.I want to get into plowing but here's my question i was told the front suspension which is a split axle and coil springs is not very strong and would put alot of stress on the front frame.I am looking to buy a 7 foot six boss plow.Most of my 30 lawn customers have been asking me for this service,majority of them are residential.
Would like some advice!!!!


You did not say if it will be a v plow or not, I would not hesitate to use a straight blade up to 8'6" on a half ton truck, my concern with v plows on 1/2 tons especially fords, is when you start stacking snow, that transfers, the weight of the plow, plus the weight of the snow,and the force of the motor onto the front axle,

I have an 8'6 vplow on a 92 f250, when I have to start pushing hard and really stacking snow, I can hear the front suspension pop and creak once it bottoms out under the weight. On the other hand, I have a diesel motor, 4 10 gears, and I use 4 low to stack snow so I don't overheat the transmision. This combination will pile snow higher than the truck and keep on going, but does put an extreme amount of stress on the IFS. If you do buy a v plow I would suggest using it on a half ton with a solid front axle where it is easier to reinforce the suspenion, and will also be easier on tires since all travel is vertical, not arcing like on my truck. I try to avoid any serious stacking,and call in loaders to do that.

I think for drives you would be ok using a v plow if that is what you want to buy, since it will let you place snow where you want it. Most drives I push, there is ample room to put the snow with out having to stack it very high.

my two cents


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I have got an 83 F150 with Fisher 7.5. Plows fine. Check your door tag for the FAWR(front axle weight rating). The plow pkg is 3800lbs, if you have that your all set. If not I suggest buying heavier coils, or airbags to stiffen up the front suspension.

I also put 6-800lbs in the back for ballast. Keep an eye on the passenger side 2 piece front axle. The splines strip when they get rusted.



I have that Truck and here is the suggestion

Go with the Air bags.... it really stiffens the body up on impact.... I have the jumbo Meyer C8 plow, I went to the dealer to get some fluid and he said that is a monster plow on a 1/2 ton frame... Guy I bought it from rebuilt the truck and took the plow off a scrap f350... and he put the two together... Had my first official night with it... and it was awesome... all the boys in their new 1/2 ton dodges really liked the plow and the truck... I am over board with the C8 and I have to take it easy, I would stay in the 7 1/2 realm.... look at some of the lighter weight plows.... Now Ballast, I have super wide and mud tires... tough in the snow.. not great with the traction.. I have 1300 lbs in the back... it is a lot but it makes a difference.. I will be selling my beautiful 300 Rims after the season and put thinner and all weather tires on the truck and it will be perfect... and also replace the door handle that fell of.... ohh well.... besides that GREAT


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I know a guy who had an 86 Ford 150 with airconditioning.When the frame cracked the shop told him they see alot of this.I guess the airconditioning drips on the frame (passenger side) and slightly weakens the frame.When you start plowing he claims it cracks.He said he fixed many of them.Not the case on F250 Chevy or Dodge.Check with frame shop in your area to confirm if this is true.

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