1984 Chevy 'burb K10 4x4


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I have just bought a 1984 Chevy 'Burb K10 4x4<p>It only has 102890 miles on it and it runs REAL strong. Only minor mechanical problems.<br>The large problem is the body and interior....LOTS of rust around rear side windows and on barn doors, interior is 2 different colors. I think the interior will be easy, but I am a mechanic/woodworker/computer tech, I can rebuild the engine but I can't paint my way out of a wet paper sack......I'd like to just replace the barn doors...they are not salvageable, but the rear side windows....how can I get ride of the rot?<p>Any suggestions would help, Thanx


You will most have to do a lot of welding and metal work to repair the rust. The easiest way would be to find a parts truck that did not have the rust around the windows and cut out repair sections and mig weld them in place. With much experience in the auto body field and working with the K series trucks, if you have that much rust on the upper half there will be much more underneath. Good luck. JB

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