1980 chevy 4x4 ?


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ok here's the question just got a 1980 chevy 4x4 silverado
with locking front hubs one is on free other on lock the don't move but a tiny bit.I took them off what should I see and how can I tell if they are locked in it goes into 4x4 on the floor low and all gears work but not sure about those hubs anyone help me out?
First off, jack the wheel up on the side you are trying to check. Try locking your hubs (both sides) in and turn the wheel manually. It should stop turning because it is being stopped by the wheel on the other side that is sitting on the ground. You should also be able to tell if your hubs are locked in by jacking both wheels off the ground and spinning your wheel and somehow grabbing the axle inside the housing. If it's free when you hold onto the axle you will be able to spin the wheel and hold the axle without the axle moving, when it's locked the axle will move with the tire movement. Your front drive won't work at all if both wheels aren't locked in. You also have to be able to turn your wheels somewhat so they can lock into a "dog" in the hubs. I've seen some that hang up as much as a full turn of the wheel before they lock up. That might be something to consider before you get into a situation where you're about to get stuck as the wheel has to turn a little before they lock in. If you're stuck already they'll never lock in because the hubs haven't locked in yet and your wheel won't move forward or backward enough to lock them in. I sure hope this explanation made sense to you cause now I'm confused. And yourself?