1973-87 front mount receiver hitch

I hated to start a thread for this, but I've been unable to find the information I need.

A search of this board and many others has turned up nothing. Same goes for Google, Yahoo, Altavista, iwon, GoTo, etc.

All of the large hitch manufacturers (Reese, Hidden Hitch, Valley Towing/Industries, Sure Pull, even Summit Racing, etc etc etc) do not offer a front mounted 2" hitch receiver for the 1973-87 C20 pickups.

Does anyone know who makes or offers one? If not, who's modified an existing model and made it fit? I was thinking of custom building one, but without a welder or garage large enough to get my truck in, I'd really prefer to bolt one on.

Thanks in advance.



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Dayton, Ohio

Warn does offer a front mount receiver for 81-87 chevy trucks, might be able to adapt it to fit older frames. They are the only ones that I have been able to find.

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