1969 C20 4x4


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long island,NY
I do work for this guy with a 69 c20 4x4.It currently has a single rear wheel rear end.he wants to swap it with a dually rear because the rear axle seal race is chewed up and keeps ripping the seal.anyone got info on what rear might fit under this truck?I want to go used and its a flatbed truck so clearance isn't a problem.any info appreciated..


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Depending on how much work you are willing/able to do yourself, just about anything can be stuffed under there. My '75 began life as a C-35 SRW pickup, I took the dually axle out of a '77 cube van and installed it. Had to cut off, relocate & re-weld the spring pads and shock mounts to fit the pickup frame width.

Not sure how much you'll find in 67 - 72 vintage, may want to see if a rear axle from a 73 - 87 truck can be made to work - I don't know how the frame widths compare so you might have to do the cut/move/weld trick I did on my trucks' rear axle swap. Good chance you will end up having to customize a driveshaft to fit once the axle is installed, but that's not too major a hurdle. Parking brake hookup may also require some adapting.

I'm assuming this truck is on leaf springs all around? My boss has a '68 3/4 ton GMC that has the coil spring rear suspension, but it's a 2wd truck.

Because you're dealing with a 4x4, the main thing to remember when looking for an axle is the front and rear axle gear ratios must match. Then when rubber goes on the 4 rear tires will have to be same size as the 2 up front.