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1500-2500 ???

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by rfed32, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. rfed32

    rfed32 Senior Member
    Messages: 473

    so ive been in touch wiht the insurance about my lil accedent last week and seeing that the truck is totaled i am looking into new trucks....i found two that i like so far

    1996 dodge 2500 deseil with the extended cab bed topper(i would take off and sell or something like that) its got 90k they want around $10,000

    or a 1999 gmc seria 1500 with 54k they want 13000

    the both have an 8foot bed, auto trans, 4x4

    what do u guys think will be best.....all i have is a small landscaping bussiness and i am a contractor...i have a few lil stuff to plow...i am leaning towards the GMC online b.c i know its not big and it will be a good personal truck as well, and i can get get the snoway mt26 for it....but a desiel will last forever i caan pull the skidster with it i can do a lot more with it in the long run...ahhh i dunno

    a lil help would be great
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2006
  2. clark lawn

    clark lawn PlowSite.com Addict
    from NE ohio
    Messages: 1,233

    if you are going to pull any kind of load get the 2500 you will need the stronger suspention and brakes the diesel is justa bonus
  3. green leaf

    green leaf Junior Member
    Messages: 29

    I would go with the 2500. I would do a search first and get some info on a diesel before you make a choice. I have a 2500 diesel and I will never buy anything but diesel now.
    Things you should know - diesel can cost more to maintain from oil changes to fuel filters, but you need to see if the extra costs out weigh the performance you will get in return ( witch I believe they do).
    Good Luck-Darren
  4. pools&plowingct

    pools&plowingct Member
    Messages: 73

    ooo i would jump on the cummins in a heart beat if i had to pick out of the 2 you won't be disappointed in the cummins thats for sure and 90,000 miles is nothing its just beginning to be broken in
    good luck with your decision
  5. rfed32

    rfed32 Senior Member
    Messages: 473

    ok well i thik im going with the desiel for two reasons lol...u guys talked me into it i did some research, so with what i found and what i knew and the other reason is i called the gmc dealership today and the guy was like thats not the right price and tellin me all this ******** that they want 16k for it when its not worth it and all this other crap so looks like were going with the dodge jst have to go and talk to the bank this afternoon and we will see....what kinda plow would u guys think abou tputtin on this??i know my cuz has a 8foot meyers at his house he would prob charge me 1200 for it...id need to get a mount and touch pad thats it tho
  6. Ian

    Ian Member
    Messages: 96

    A couple of points.

    I have a 96 dodge (3500). For what it is worth, here are my thoughts.
    I would choose a cummins diesel again in a heart beat.

    * 96 12v cummins diesel.

    The only concern with the motor would be the timing cover alignment pin. Do a search on the internet for KDP (killer dowel pin) it is a pin that aligns the front engine timing case to the block. The pin has been known (often) to work its way loose and fall into the timing gears. The design was changed on newer trucks to make it impossible to fall out. If it happens it is just short of a disaster. $ Ask about it or read about it on line. Ask the previous owners if any mods have been done to the engine.

    * Truck

    Auto trans can be a bit of an unknown. If the truck hasn't been a plow truck or heavy hauler, it is probably okay. Not the strongest transmission in the world of diesel trucks.

    Front end. Expect to replace items in the front end to include ball joints, tie rods and track bar.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2006
  7. justme-

    justme- 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,138

    Plan to replace the track bar with an after market replacement- Dodges stock design stinks and wears out WAY too fast especially in a working truck.

    Check out Dodgeram.org, dieseltruckresource.com and the Turbo Diesel Registry- great Dodge Diesel resources on the net.

    My only issue is the extended cab long bed- weight distribution is horrible for plowing in those, especially ina diesel. Plan on useing ballast or wearing the front out often.
  8. rfed32

    rfed32 Senior Member
    Messages: 473

    so i went to test drive the dodge today and were drivin and i pull into a parkin lot to test out the 4x4 and i cant find it so i ask the guy wheres the 4wheel drive he was like oh this truck doesnt have iut...i was like well the ad says it does yesterday when i called the lady on the phone said it does what the hell am i going to do with a big ass truck and no 4x4...he was like well ill give u a deal i was like yeah this is the deal ill pay the 10k if u somehow make it have 4wheel drive by tomorrow...
  9. Detroitdan

    Detroitdan PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,937

    how could you drive a truck and not know if it is 4wd or not? Besides the fact that a 4wd generally sits much higher, and generally has stickers all over it, wouldnt the first thing you looked at be whether it had push button or lever operated t-case, and manual or auto hubs? Not to slam you, but that blows me away. I guess you're just lucky the salesman didnt tell you it was full time all-wheel-drive and make the sale.
  10. Mick

    Mick PlowSite.com Veteran
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,546

    You're not having much luck, here. First you go find out the GM was listed at the wrong price (smacks of "bait and switch" - was this a dealership?), then you drive the Dodge and find out it's not a 4wd as advertised (again bait and switch?). How could they "mistakenly" advertise a truck as 4x4?
  11. rfed32

    rfed32 Senior Member
    Messages: 473

    im not sure but they were both dealerships that are well known which really blows my mind away...i think with the dodge i jst got so over welemed with findin it and thinkin i didnt realize no stickers not high nothing and was jst like its a 2500 deseil ya know....and the fact that it was listed 4wheel drive...
  12. trinitygrove

    trinitygrove Member
    Messages: 35

    There probably having one heck of a time trying to sell that truck not being 4WD. Maybe they put it in the ad just to get more hits, hoping someone would not care if it was or wasn't. Some of these clowns at used car lots should be slapped around sometimes. (from my past experiences).