15' X 35' Driveway (4 cars fit in this area)

I was wondering how long it would take one of you (Not Lazer, we all know he is a speed demon, with whom a newbie like myself would not likely be able to keep up.) to plow a drive this size? They are straight drives on level ground that must be backdragged from the garage to the street.

How long to snowblow a 100' section of sidewalk? All of the talk I hear of residential work and profit margins, I am going to try to balance them with my commercial accounts.

Would a total of 7 minutes be a little on the high side for one individual to complete both tasks?

What might an expected "average time" be to complete these tasks?

I am setting these particular customers up as yearly, so I can increase my cashflow significantly by charging for the service in two installments, one at signing and one the 15th of December.

I wonder what others of you charge for a yearly price on accounts of that nature in a market that averages 28" of snow annually. Please email me your price (if you don't want to discuss pricing on the board) at greenman2ooo@hotmail.com.

My guess would be $200 per season to plow, based on a maximum of 8 events (3 last year). I would charge an additional $80 per season for walks. I realize the walks are much less profitable than the plowing, but I think I will get much more business if I offer the service. That balances things out since there would be a large gain in efficiency if I had half a dozen or more drives within a minutes drive of each other.

Michael F

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Rochester, NY
That size drive with my truck with a 9' Fisher I have average about 3 minutes, this does not include drive time, when I do schuduling I ussually allow 10 minutes per drive(6 per hour), time does definitly very dependiny on driver and how well he know the route, pricing I can't help you on we average 90+ inches a year, contracts used to yield 20 trips for around $ 200.00, but have been changed to yeild at 100 inches for arround same price, unlimited run from $ 210-350.

Snow Pro

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$25 minimum for straight flat drives. $30 for "J" shaped and at least $35 each for circulars. Best if you carry an extra guy in the truck to do the hand work. You can get a lot more done that way.

We have time sheets that everyone uses that are rounded off to the nearest 5 minutes. Usually a bunch in a row would be 5 minutes each then a few squeezed in between would we 0 time. So I was doing maybe 15 an hour solo.

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