12volt Starter On24v= Poof?


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any one tried this?

I have a old pump/tank/starter hyd. system thats direct drive and is mounted in cab of truck. This lifts a 1300 lb 12' blade wiwth 2" cylinder. Blade is heavy and 12volt system lifts ok but their is a fair load on pump and starter. since this is a military 24 volt system it presents some problems. Last year I ran a 3rd 12v battery not connected to a charging source, recharged after plow session. battery doesn't last long like this. Also ran a jumper from 12v bat to 1st bat in 24volt set to help charge it- which just discharges 1/2 of the 24volt set and eventually ruined 1 of the 2 batterys in the 24 volt set.
Today I hooked pump/starter direct to 24volt output- lifts really fast but....
any one want to guess how long the 12 volt starter will last on 24volts? run time is about 3-4 seconds per lift.
is their any difference in 12v/24volt high torque DC motors? often see surplus motors for sale that state 12/24volt compatible, such as sold in Burdens surplus.
Also- does any one know if Chevy/Ford/Dodge made 24volt starters or did they use same internal armatures/feilds and just "label" 24volt or 12volt for the gas/deisel motors?


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We modify the "streetbikes" we build to run on 24V to the starters on the big motors. I have been doing this for years, and have not burnt out a starter yet.

An electric motor wants power(watts), and really doesn't care in what form it takes it. Power is equal to current times voltage(P=IxV). So if you double the voltage, the current draw is 1/2. In the bikes, the only extra wear is on the brushes(arcing). They start so fast/easy, there is actually less wear on the starter.

However, in your application....I'm am not sure how long your motor will last. If you are only lifting for a few seconds at a time, you may be OK. Just don't leave it topped out for long periods.

Hope this helps.



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northern Wi.
12 To 24 Volt

I have run many DC motors at various voltages higher and lower than rating with very few problems.
The RPM of a DC motor is controlled by voltage, Generally twice the volts twice the RPM, A few years ago I ran a 6 Volt tractor starter on 12 Volt with no sparkplugs in the engine spun it for 30 seconds when it threw the windings out of the armature, Stopped real fast.
It is not very likely this would happen to you since it runs only for a few seconds and is always under load.
I have seen Monarch pumps with 24 Volt motors on them used in large county trucks, But dont know where to get one.
I would run Yours on 24 Volt and expect ot get years of service out of it.

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