11 foot plow on a pick-up!


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Ft. Wayne IN
Well, sort of. 9' 2" Boss V with Pro-Wings and a U-edge. It does measure 11 feet tip to tip while it's straight though. Sure would like to try it out on some SNOW. Yeah, right, wishful thinking. Nate's got the right idea, I'll just go out into the garage and make a blade for my junky MTD.:rolleyes:


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A contractor in my area will by a truck with and 8' fisher on it. Then will find a used 8" blade and then cut a foot off of each side of the blade and weld it on the new one they just bought to make it a 10' blade

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a lot of plower around here use a regular plow with hydraulics pro-wing. QWhen they are close, it's very similimar to a protech pusher, open it you got a 12 feet plow.

This set up need a central hydro and few more$$$, but seems very effective. Cost about 15 000 twice than a regular Fisher 8'.


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i dont know that a set of pro wings would compliment a v plow that well
I think pro wings would be great on a V plow.

1) in the scoop position, you would have more capacity.
2) with one wing, you could take a bigger bite when windrowing and not leave "dribble" on the cleared side.
3) in the v position....... well ok, maybe not so good in the V. But it would make a 8'2" V plow more equal to a 9'2".

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