100,000 Miles On Truck,OK For Plow?


Hi guys,I'm BASIC.My wife and I hope to start a lawn care buisness in the spring.We live in northwestern New Jersey.We're also considering offering our customers,snowplowing and snowblowing.I have a 99 Ford F350 4X4,diesel,6 speed,with 100,000 miles on it.The truck has been very well maintained.Do you think I should but a plow on this truck or wait until I can afford a new truck?I commute about 100 miles per day to work and at least in the begining will keep my job.I'll put on at least another 20,000 miles before next November.I'd like to get a Western V plow and possibly a tailgate sander.I'm sure I'll have alot more questions,thankyou all for the help,BASIC.
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did you buy your current truck new or used?

100,000 miles for a diesel isn't high mileage. My main problem is the 6 speed manual transmission.

If you have never plowed before you wouldn't know but constant clutching and shifting wreaks havoc on your knees!!!!

Ive been in standard transmission trucks for so long plowing that when I've gotten Out I couldn't walk.

Automatic with a auxilliary transmission fluid cooler is a much more comfortable way to go


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Are you thinking of plowing this year?

If you are not going to plow this year you may want to wait to see how lawn care goes, you may make enough to justify new truck. You may also find out you want a dump bed.

Another option is put plow on this truck and try it this year, if you get a new truck, bracket should switch right over, as long as you stay with Ford. You might be able to get plow this year and get it paid for, then next year it will be a little bit less obligation when it come time to buy a truck.


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i would not plow with a truck that has LESS than 50k on it!

plowing beats the hell out of a truck and since u will be constantly rebuilding it due to the wear, mileage doesnt matter, ive got 170k on my dakota but its all redone, total driveline 100%..as far as manual shifting, i use it and its fine, it is tiring sometimes after 12 hours tho!...what county are u in?..i would buy a used plow and test the waters

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I agree. I cannot see buying a brand new truck and beating the hell out of it plowing, and/or getting it scratched up. Of course I love how a new truck looks and all but I wouldnt wanna make it look like crap so fast. No matter how careful you are plowing, you eventually hit or rub something. I never have hit anything yet, knock on wood, but in tight driveways I have rubbed up against people shrubs that are sticking out over the driveway, scuffed side of truck and pushed rear view mirror back out of place. I knew it was gonna happen, I saw it coming but you cant help it, driveway is so damn narrow. My 92 Chevy has over 100,000 miles but it has been in the family since new and taken car of like a baby and it runs, drives, and pushes snow like a champ. Funny this topic came up. I was talking to one of my friends about this very thing the other day. I was showing him how dirty the interior of my truck got from getting in and out with work boots on and how the exterior looked after using it to plow this last storm we got. I told him, see I dont wanna take a brand new truck and do this to it, and he agreed fully. You already own the Ford with 100k miles, might as well use what ya got. Mike
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Go for it,the truck isnt that old,rust and corrosion of everything from sheetmetal,to connections is the main problem with higher mileage plow trucks,not the engines usually.I think you should be fine.I do not plow with new trucks either,my newest truck had 50k on it when i started plowing with it.One of my GMcs has 155K on it,my 95 Sblazer has 169K on it,both just finished a nasty 17" storm.
You might want to check in the used plow and equipment forum on this website. You can probably find a nice used plow and start off with a little less overhead. If things work out you can sell the old truck and plow and get a new setup later.
Good luck, and just remember it usually takes about 5 years for any business to show its real potential, and start making a decent net profit.


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you'd be fine

I bought a 90 GMC K3500 w/9' dump bed on it this past spring. It had 72,000 on it. 454 and TH400. Put the biggest tranny cooler they carried on it and I expect to get 5 good years out of it with care. Front end rebuild kits are about $300 and will take care of any potential problems.
I bought a used Western Pro 8' plow for $800 and spent $350 having it serviced and mounted on my truck. I'm waiting till after plowing season to do the front end rebuild (unless something breaks).:drinkup: