10' Swenson MDV Stainless Steel Salter


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Chicago, IL.
Swenson MDV- Series Stainless Steel Salt Spreader.

To be installed on: 15,000-20,000 GVW Truck
Hopper legth:10’ , Hopper Width:70”, Overall length: 139”
4.5 cu. Yd. capacity
Spread width 4’-30’
Lift hooks on all 4 corners
Top screens
11.0 HP Honda engine
Cab controls include start, stop and throttle.

Very nice spreader!

Paid $7,200.00 in 2000. (worked possibly 30 salt events- 30-40 hours on engine)

Salter was installed on a Isuzu NPR HD…….. truck has sold. My current fleet is going with smaller salters that fit into ¾ & 1-ton pick up trucks.

$5,200.00 or best offer.

Joe Pacocha
Pacocha Landscaping Services, Inc.

(847)699-0122 fax

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