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1 yr old henderson vbox---crap!

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by Midwest, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. Got out my spreader to get her ready and what I found was not good.

    1- all linkages and carburater were corroded and locked up tight
    2- each and every bolt was rusted so bad a wrench would not work
    3- chains were rusted solid
    4- every weld seem or scratch to paing was rusted about 3"s around

    Anyway, I just had to vent, but this is whats happening next.

    Ordered a new engine, cause buying the parts and carb were about same $
    Today I disassembled the entire back of the spreader, took off engine, chute and wing flaps(rusted all to H**L). Loaded the spreader on my truck and took it down to Blastco (local sandblasting company). Theyre gonna blast it, prime it, caulk it (seems) and put 4 coats industrial yellow paint on it, all for the price of $500 , which I think is a very good price.

    I'll admit that I may not have protected it enough, and I will do better next year, BUT :gunsfiring: Henderson needs to use stainless steel hardware (which is what I'll be replacing everything with) and put a better paint job on these spreaders.

    Next time its Stainless Steel for sure!!!!!!
  2. grotecguy

    grotecguy Senior Member
    Messages: 148

    A salt spreader is such a harsh environment for a paint job. A highly corrosive salt and an abundance of moisture will just wreck any paint you put on them. You could use the best automotive or industrial paint known to man and they will still look bad in a couple of years.

    At least the paint can be blasted off. If it were powder coated, you couldn't blast it off. I just had to paint over what I couldn't grind off my Pro Wings. The powder coat just peeled right off the rusty areas and was stuck real good to the rest of the wing.

    I use stainless bolts and such whenever I can, plus a little neversieze. I hate to torch bolts if I don't have too.

    Sounds like a great deal to have the spreader blasted and painted.

    Good luck,
    Mark K
  3. cet

    cet PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,257

    Midwest here is what we try to do. In the spring we put a tarp on the ground and throw a used 5 gallon pail of oil in the salter. We grab the spinner and turn it by hand until the oil is everywhere. Grab a can of lubricant and not WD40 and spray everything in the engine compartment. Every week on a friday afternoon I go and spin all the spinners a few turns just to keep everything moving. You will still have some problems next fall but hopefully not as many. We cut the chains off everyfall whether they are working or not. Salt is the best glue ever made. If i could figure out how to bottle it I could retire. Just think of the money salting makes and that might bring a smile to your face :) :)
  4. Thanks for the tips guys, I'll be doing alot of things different next year, thats for sure :dizzy:

    If I would have found this site last year, I would not have had alot of these headaches that I'm having right now :drinkup: