1 year ago today the fun began.


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GG if you jinx us by posting this i'll come find you and flatten your new tires:D

Have a great x-mas, we'll see you sometime today

Got Grass?

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Western New York
If I jinx us that bad I'll shoot my self first...:gunsfiring:
Woke up cuz I knew it was starting to fall...
I gott try & get more sleep before my daughter gets here & startes riping open her new toys, then off to drop her & mom off at aunts house before I drop the blade.
It's gunna be fun tring to plow with my hand screwed up. I kinda slaped the pavment pretty good with my left hand the other night. Took of a bunch of skin & hurts to bend my wrist too much. Gause, tape & cream w/ pain killer does wonders.
Merry christmas & hope santa brings you some good toys.
Try & find some time to spend with your kid!
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