1 ton frame width question


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I just purchased a 1 ton 1987 crew cab 4x4 bare frame originally equipped without the heavy duty suspension, single rear wheels. I was hoping to use the axles from a 3/4 ton truck equipped with a 14" rear axle and Dana 44 front axle, but I read at the Chevy-GMC@OFFROAD.com website that the 1 tons had a narrower frame. However, in my Chevy shop manual as far as I can tell the frame widths are the same. Does anyone know for sure? If they are different is possible to move the spring pads, or is that more work than it is worth? Thanks!

Chuck Smith

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Since you bought the 87 chassis, and have the truck you want to swap the axles into, why not just get out a tape measure, and find out if they are different?
All indication is the frames are the same, it might be the bracketry that is different. Since the axle is single rear wheels, I would think the spring pad spacing would be the same. If they were duals, I know there was 2 different spacings out there.


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